Itunes the requested resource was not found

I visited regain my iPhone and also an error message popped up that shelp "Tbelow was a difficulty downloading the software application for the iPhone "iPhone". The requested resource was not discovered." I looked up exactly how to deal with this worry and also it gave me multiple things to try. I tried eextremely point under the sunlight UNTIL the Windows Firewall principle came up. Tried permitting iTunes however it's not in my files bereason iTunes just tells you to install through Microsoft so it's currently an application and not a regimen on your COMPUTER that you have the right to conveniently go and uninstall through the Control Panel. I'm the point wright here I'm about to speak to myself. WHAT CAN I DO TO FIX THIS? HOW CAN I RESTORE MY PHONE?

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iPhone XS Max, iOS 13

Posted on Jul 19, 2019 12:52 PM

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Jul 19, 2019 6:13 PM in response to alexis_lanc In response to alexis_lanc

Hi alexis_Ianc,

I am type of stuck in the place as you. In March I had actually hooked up my iPhone to Windows 7, installed desktop, all the while not also knowing that it was still on a old Windows regimen, Windows Vista through SP 1 & 2 crucial updays, some of the papers were also on Windows XP.

Once the backup was completed, I thought I had been using a newer version of iTunes, plus I thought I was utilizing Windows 7 via SP1&2. Mind you that I had actually my COMPUTER at a tech repair company 3 times before March 2019. Looking through the checklist and also analysis the summary, of course I did not understand also what it was that I was analysis and not being told that Compag was now all HP. I did not recognize this, bereason I was not making use of a computer for a couple of years. It wasn’t functioning and also I decided that I wasn’t doing to dump anymore more right into an old computer, then I had actually adjusted my mind last September and also it’s a decision that I have regretted ever before given that that day.

It took me and also a treatment rep almost 2 hours for me to get ago into the iTunes account. It kept telling me that my password was not correct. Second time I obtained locked out bereason I it kept saying that my passcode was incorrect. I knew that it wasn’t. My phone was disabled 3 times in a month and also it had to go into recoextremely mode. I had the same errors as you. Today I have actually no history of any of the apps that I had actually set up from January to March and also only, 1 for April. I have no access to any of the iTunes and also theirs a lock on the documents. I can’t apply the qualities nor have the right to I uninstall iTunes or iCloud. I can’t call support anyeven more because I gain a invalid message from a robot by phone and also also in the support application.

My guess is that was all backed up to a old and deleted account. Or probably a various account that I was utilizing last September and also October, making use of a different number and a android phone making use of Windows 10 & 7 plus Microsoft / accounts, and a old iPhone 5c which is obsolete together with a iPad mini 2.

I am furious that I can’t even obtain the assistance that I really require. I am worn down of reinstalled apps from iCloud and also the fact that it will not get rid of any of the old data that I have actually not provided in a really lengthy time plus they are all outdated by approximately 4 years old. I am not certain even if the Health application even exists anymore. But it does on my iPhone 8 Plus. I can’t even usage a google for my iPhone without it reflecting me android apps on a account.

Besides I believed blocked the older sites due weaken accounts. I like to know why I am seeing old google sites in my safari browser. Basically I am not recognized as a iPhone user, in the fios human being my iPhone is taken into consideration a iot tool and also my iPad is thought about a phablet gadget,

Is this a freaking sick and twisted joke and was I marketed a knock off iPhone and also iPad sixth generation via the wrong SIM card in my iPad?