Itunes not recognizing iphone 4s

When I affix my iPhone 4S to my computer (Windows 7 32 bit), iTunes (11.2) does not detect the device. The phone display screens the green battery meter indicating it"s charging, I have the right to sync the photos & videos, however as soon as open itunes to copy songs, its not associated yet, i tried miscellaneous USB cables,Itunes versions, however no hope. But i have the right to attach it through from one more Computer through 64 little bit windows 7. i tried so many kind of tricks using youtube also, i just purchased the phone last kindly please aid me. And 1 even more point, what is bonjour,it is supplied for?


You need to definately attempt this first:

Go to the Windows MenuRight-mouse-click ComputerClick ManageGo to Device ManagerOpen Mobile DevicesUninstall the driver for iPhone

Connect your iPhone aacquire and also it should find the correct vehicle drivers aacquire and iTunes have to acknowledge your iPhone.

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Re-installing iTunes is additionally an option.


Follow these procedures, trial and error to see if the issue is reresolved after each section.

Update iTunesCheck the USB cableVerify that Mobile Device Support is installed(can be found in set up programs)Rebegin the Mobile Device ServiceWindows Vista or Windows 7Cshed iTunes and disattach the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.Click the Windows Start switch Start button.In the Start Search area form Services.In the Programs section of the search outcomes, Click "Services".Select Mobile Device and also click Stop the service.

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Verify that the Mobile Device USB Driver is installed1.Connect the device to the computer system.2.Quit iTunes if it launches.For Windows Vista and Windows 7:3.Click the Start menu, right-click on Computer, and also choose Properties.In the upper-left edge, click Device Manager. The Device Manager home window need to open.4.Click the plus (+) symbol (or disclosure triangle () (for Windows 7 and Windows 8) beside "Universal Serial Bus controllers" to expand the selection.5.Locate the Mobile Device USB Driver in this list. If this enattempt is displayed without any downward arrow, "!" or "?" icons over it, then this driver is effectively mounted.If the Mobile Device USB Driver is not listed, reinstall it (instructions on classiccomputers.infos site)If the Mobile Device USB Driver enattempt is listed, yet has an exclamation mark or question note over it, continue to the next measures to reinstall the Mobile Device driver.

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Check for third-party software program conflictsUninstall any type of cellular device connectivity software program from merchants such as Samsung, Nokia, Bora, Novatel, Sony, Android, LG, Sierra, Huawei, Pantech, or Motorola and watch if the difficulty persists.Reinstall Itunes

For a method more detailed explacountry check here: