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iTunes is the go-to software of many kind of iOS customers as soon as it comes to managing iPhone music, books, TV reflects, movies, and so on So, it would be quite frustrating if it starts crashing and provides "iTunes has actually stopped working" errors on your home windows computer system.


Reasons Why "iTunes has actually stopped working" on Windows 10/8/7

There could be variety of factors behind the "iTunes has quit working" error. Several of the reasons are incredibly common that a lot of iOS customers can solve easily, while tright here are others that are either complicated or even unwell-known.

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Following are some potential reasons of this problem:

Incompatibility in between your iTunes information records and also your Windows device files is just one of the major causes of this error. This error can also occur if you are making use of an outdated structure of your Windows computer. Some of the various other reasons incorporate malware, virus, software program dispute, poor installation, corrupted installation documents of iTunes, etc.

How to Fix "iTunes has stopped working" error on Windows 10/8/7

Fortunately, tbelow are many kind of methods to settle this problem. Following are some ways to deal with this problem:

1. Use 1-Click iTunes Repair Tool

If you are fed up with random errors and crashes of iTunes, then you will be glad to recognize that a softwares that you have the right to use to repair all iTunes worries. TunesFix is a premier iTunes repairer to solve iTunes problems conveniently. It supplies plenty of remedies for different errors including "iTunes has actually stopped working".


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Following are some features of this software:

TunesFix deserve to instantly detect your iTunes errors and also settle through one click.It helps to repair miscellaneous well-known and also unwell-known iTunes errors.It deserve to be provided on almost any PC mechanism and iTunes version. It offers two cleaning modes to delete usemuch less information records developed by iTunes.

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How to Fix "iTunes has actually quit working" error with TunesFix?

Step 1: Launch TunesFix on your computer system and also it will certainly auto-detect your iTunes.


Step 2: Select "Fix Other iTunes Problems" tab.

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Tip 3: Click "Repair" to start the fixing process.


2. Repair Bonjour on Windows 7

Many iOS customers have reported that this error have the right to be fixed by repairing Bonjour on their windows computer system. Follow these instructions to repair Bonjour:

Tip 1: Launch Control Panel on your computer and also navigate to Programs > Program and Features.

Step 2: Find and also select Bonjour from the list of programs and also click on the Repair alternative. Windows will then attempt to repair Bonjour.


After the repair, iTunes will certainly have the ability to occupational typically on your Windows 7.

3. Launch iTunes in Safe Mode on Windows 10/8/7

Launching iTunes in Safe Setting isolates the software from any interferences resulted in by third-party scripts or plugins. It is a potential solve for ‘iTunes has quit working" error. Follow these instructions to launch iTunes in Safe Mode:

Step 1: Press and also host dvery own the CTRL and Change secrets on your key-board.

Tip 2: Now launch iTunes by double-clicking its icon from desktop computer or from Start Menu. iTunes will certainly display screen a message telling you that it is running in Safe Mode.

Tip 3: Click on Continue switch and also iTunes will begin in Safe Mode.


4. Update iTunes to the Latest Version on Windows 10/8/7

iTunes updates fix bugs and also errors in addition to adding brand-new functions. So it would be a good principle to update iTunes to the latest version in order to solve the quit working error. Follow these instructions to update iTunes:

Launch iTunes and also navigate to Aid > Check for Updates. Follow the prompts presented on your screen to update iTunes to the latest version.


5. Completely Rerelocate and also Reinstall iTunes on Windows 10/8/7

If namong the solutions gave above work-related for you then it is recommended that you entirely remove and reinstall iTunes. Follow these instructions:

Step 1: Launch Control Panel and navigate to Programs and Features on your Windows COMPUTER.

Step 2: Now uninstall these programs:

iTunes Apple Application Support (32-bit)Apple Application Support (64-bit)Apple Mobile Device Support Apple Software Upday Bonjour

Tip 3: After uninstalling, restart your COMPUTER and then downfill and install iTunes from main website.


Then restart your Windows computer system to watch whether the "iTunes has actually stopped working" error occurs or not.