Itune wifi sync not working

I"ve been synchronizing over wi-fi my macbook and iPhone for about 3 months. But some day it taken place to sheight functioning. iTunes does not check out iPhone over wi-fi anyeven more. Checkbox is checked. Also, handoff quit working(any type of app).

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I"ve found that if I attach to an additional wi-fi network my phone is presented and also able to synchronize over wi-fi(returning to primary router changes points back).

Both devices are associated to the same netoccupational (it"s the just one I have nearby) and also bluetooth is on both on mac and phone.

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I"ve tried:

reset netoccupational and area settingsfull reset phone and backup thenrestoring wi-fi routerswitching off and also on wi-fi and also bluetoothloggin out and in ID, iTunes and so on.unchecking/checking handoff and also iTunes wi-fi syncdelete wi-fi network

Nopoint has operated for me. The just clue I have - it"s something via wi-fi, though I do not change anypoint there and restored to default.

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iphone itunes wifi continuity
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asked Feb 19 "18 at 20:46

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I checked the forums and a number of world say they resolved it by plugging iPhone into MB, it asked if to trust the tool on the MB and the iPhone. When trust on both is schosen, it synced on the cable and now wifi sync is earlier to normal. May be this workapproximately will certainly execute the thing?

Also carry out you think Firewall can be an issue?

Or Mobile Device Helper process could be the bump, you can simply force quit that procedure through Activity monitor

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answered Feb 20 "18 at 12:00

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