Is revo uninstaller safe reddit

I'm having trouble finding a clear answer on this. I'm on a fresh instevery one of Windows 10 and also looking to uninstall some random games that I guess Windows installs now. I've supplied Revo in the previous, yet I've been seeing most articles about Revo, and also other registry cleaners, being 'snake oils' and also generally unnecessary. At the exact same time, though, I watch civilization recommfinishing it for it's even more finish uninstalls.

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Do you usage it? Why or why not?


Revo is very good at cleaning all traces of applications. Uninstalling don't need Revo for.

Eextremely time I've offered Revo has actually been on a customer's gadget that had trojans or adware installed. In that scenario, it not only deletes the regimen, yet eincredibly various other regisattempt enattempt, file, and folder that's connected through it. Probably my favorite means to encertain junk that is incredibly intrusive is rerelocated.

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For the games and also other crap that Windows 10 throws in tright here, I recommend running a powershell script to remove them. Powershell is built in to Windows, so you don't have to download or install anypoint extra. Here is the script I use:

Sorry, why perform you recommfinish making use of a manuscript rather of simply right-click uninstalling or using the programs and functions window?

You do not need Revo for crap that comes bundled with W10.

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Revo is advantageous for broken uninstallers mostly, you deserve to simply right click - uninstall the W10 junk through no further actions necessary.

Having a computer system for years and also installing / uninstalling programs making use of the regulate panel, don't you end up cluttering your pc? Don't you require something prefer Revo in this case? Meaning, I don't see Revo as being beneficial "mostly" for damaged uninstallers, but quite I'd say mostly for making sure program remnants from uninstalls don't eventually clutter your pc

Do NOT use revo. ive been making use of revo for a pair of years. Last night I offered it to unmounted a game.... Went to play one more game and also it deleted eextremely single file off the entire drive it was installed on. Thank god I have actually a sepaprice drive simply for games but if this was on my C drive it would have been a disaster. Last time I will certainly ever before use revo


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