Is ccleaner safe for ssd

I simply gained a brand-new lapheight and was wondering if it's okay/recommended to use CCleaner on SSD? I seem to be finding conflicting answers when I search.

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EDIT: Thanks for the answers everyone.


Just make certain the Options/Setups are in place to use the faster "Normal" file deletion rather of the sreduced "Secure" file deletion.

Win 7, 8 and also 10 all assistance TRIM, which provides secure overcompose deletion of documents unimportant and also redundant for most individuals.

Using secure overwriting of records and also empty space on a TRIM allowed SSD is a waste of time, power and also write cycles, even if your device is warranted for 100's of GB per day for 3 or 5 years.

I've offered CCleaner to automate disposal of old temp files and web browser caches for years on my SSDs with no ill impact. That's wright here it's really the majority of valuable, stating papers you had actually no principle were tright here taking up room.

CCleaner's secure overwriting won't even occupational effectively on SSDs bereason of the way their firmware and also wear leveling works. The SSD firmware will certainly actually compose to a different complimentary location when you overcompose a paper, and also does not automatically erase or overcompose that original file until TRIM or firmware housemaintaining kicks in at some later on time - and also then, tests have actually displayed that some design SSD's firmware does not actually wipe the file internally. SSDs operate differently from magnetic hard drives in methods that make "sanitizing" the raw data difficult.

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could you define this further? 'all support TRIM, which renders secure overcreate deletion of papers unessential and redundant for most users.'

Depends what you mean.

Don't defrag. It will shorten the lifetime of the SSD for very little performance.

You might usage it for various other misc computer system cleaning, like rerelocating of temp papers.

yes u can CClean your SSD; simply dont defrag, as others have shelp. use the 'Optimize' as that is TRIM and what you need to use for SSD maintenance

It is fine to use with your SSD. What you are thinking of is that you aren't expected to defragment your SSD. However before, there are world who argue that it is worth the write cycles to your SSD bereason it does improve performance. I don't really know what is what, however both sides of the arugment have actually plenty of assistance.

Anymethods, CCleaner is fine to use via your SSD.

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Nobody (who's worth anything) argues that defragmenting an SSD boosts it's performance. Seriously... Wbelow did check out this?!??

This is really besides the suggest anymethod for the OP, since CCleaner does not perdevelop disk defragmentation.


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