Ipod keeps connecting and disconnecting to computer

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Connecting and also Disconnecting iPod shuffleConnect iPod shuffle to your computer system to sync songs and also various other audio papers, and also to charge the battery. Disattach iPod shuffle when you’re done.Important: To connect iPod shuffle to your computer system, usage just the USB 2.0 cable that came via iPod shuffle.Connecting iPod shuffleTo connect iPod shuffle to your computer:Plug one end of the consisted of USB cable into the earphone port of iPod shuffle, and also the mom end into a high-power USB 2.0 port on your computer system.Note: Don’t connect iPod shuffle to a USB port on your keyboard for charging. A much longer USB cable is available individually at www.apple.com/ipodkeep.The initially time you attach iPod shuffle to your computer, iTunes helps you set up iPod shuffle and sync it with your iTunes library. By default, iTunes automatically syncs songs on iPod shuffle when you affix it to your computer system. You can sync songs while your battery is charging.If you connect iPod shuffle to a different computer system and also iPod shuffle is collection to sync music instantly, iTunes prompts you before syncing any music.

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If you click Yes, the songs and various other audio records currently on iPod shuffle are erased and also replaced through songs and various other audio papers from the brand-new computer iPod shuffle is connected to. For indevelopment about adding music to iPod shuffle or making use of iPod shuffle via even more than one computer system, view Chapter 4, “Listening to Music,” on web page 22.8
Chapter 2 iPod shuffle Basics

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Disconnecting iPod shuffleIt’s crucial not to disattach iPod shuffle from your computer system while audio papers are syncing or as soon as iPod shuffle is being provided as an exterior disk. It’s OK to disattach iPod shuffle if the status light isn’t blinking oselection, or if you check out the “OK to disconnect” message at the top of the iTunes home window.Important: If you check out the “Do not disconnect” message in iTunes or if the standing light on iPod shuffle is blinking oarray, you should initially eject iPod shuffle before disconnecting it. Failing to do so may damages files on iPod shuffle and also need you to gain back iPod shuffle in iTunes. For indevelopment about restoring, view “Updating and Restoring iPod shuffle Software” on page 33.If you permit iPod shuffle for disk usage (view “Using iPod shuffle as an External Disk” on web page 28), you need to always eject iPod shuffle before disconnecting it.To eject iPod shuffle:In iTunes, click the Eject ( mC) button alongside iPod shuffle in the list of tools.If you’re using a Mac, you deserve to additionally eject iPod shuffle by dragging the iPod shuffle icon on the desktop computer to the Trash.If you’re using a Windows PC, you have the right to also eject iPod shuffle in My Computer or by clicking the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the Windows device tray and also choosing iPod shuffle.To disconnect iPod shuffle:Disattach the USB cable from iPod shuffle and also from your computer system. m9Chapter 2 iPod shuffle Basics