Iphone battery percentage not changing

Battery life, performance and so on, are some of the common problems that many of the Smartphone individuals save on dealing with constantly. But some of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus customers have actually complained about a very unwidespread problem and also that is the battery percent indicator that is stuck in the status bar, it is not updating at all or the battery percentage is jumping dvery own drastically after no readjust for a long time. Apple has been contacted for this issue and also they have recognized it. This is a software issue for which Apple promised to carry out some fixes with the following iOS variation. But perform not panic as you deserve to manipulate some tricks in the meantime to get rid of this worry. The fixes are defined below:

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Potential fixes to settle battery life percentage not updating on iPhone 6S and also 6S plus:

Equipment 1:

According to Apple, this issue is largely developing via individuals that have adjusted the time zone because of some reasons and also did not activate the automatic day and time feature. Follow the listed below steps to permit automatic date and time feature to solve out the issue.

First make sure that your device has actually cellular information or the Wi-Fi connection on.Next off, open the settings application in your iOS gadget and also tap on general.Press on the Date & Time option.Here you will certainly check out an alternative named as ‘collection automatically’. Toggle it on.


That’s it and also then rebegin the gadget. Follow the listed below instruction to restart the iOS device.

First, push down the power or lock button in the iPhone 6S and also 6S plus that is generally located on the peak side or at the top best edge.Next off press dvery own the home switch situated at the bottom middle.Keep on pushing both the buttons for few secs till you notice the Apple logo design on the display screen. It could take about 10 secs and also the gadget will be rebooted.

So, percreate the technique and now inspect if the worry is addressed for you.

If the above method does not work out for you, follow the second method.

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Equipment 2:

Sometimes simply a tiny toggle on the screen of battery percent indicator deserve to fix up the worry for you. What you are compelled to carry out is revolve it off and also then aobtain on it earlier which will update the battery gauge though this solution is short-term. Here is the process to toggle the battery percentage indicator in your iPhone 6S and also iPhone 6S plus.

Open the settings application from the home screen.Tap on general and then consumption.Under consumption, tap on the alternative battery percentage to make it ‘ON’. Or else make it off if it was on and also then on it again.Exit of the settings app.


You might get rid of the battery portion indicator stuck issue promptly adhering to this approach.

While the over 2 measures can work-related out for many, some of you can still challenge the concern if it occurs because of the OS. So, you must wait till Apple comes out with their next OS version that would certainly be iOS 9.3. An upday via the latest variation is constantly suggested as it can solve up many of the bugs of its predecessor. So, carry out not forobtain to update your tool with the latest iOS 9.3 as soon as released by Apple.

But in the meantime, attempt following the above approaches and also remove the concern temporarily.

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