Io1 initialization failed windows 10


Sometimes, you may gain IO1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED BSOD while turning on your computer system. If so, you deserve to check out this article, in which MiniDevice supplies you approaches to solve this BSOD. You deserve to attempt them one by one.

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If You Can Boot right into Windows or Safe Mode

When you encounter the IO1 Initialization Failed BSOD, if you deserve to boot into Windows or Safe Setting later on, you deserve to use the adhering to approaches to fix the BSOD difficulty.

1. Set useplatformclock to True

Press the WindowsType "cmd" and right-click Command also Prompt from the search result. Then, select Run as administrator.In the command also prompt window, kind bcdedit /enum command also to watch whether the useplatformclock is collection to true. If it is not true, you can set it to true by keying bcdedit /set useplatformclock true and pushing the Enter


This strategy will make certain HPET (High Precision Event Timer) is on. If this strategy stops working to deal with the problem, simply try the next one.

2. Run DISM

Open Command Prompt and run it as administrator in the same method.In the command prompt window, form the following regulates consequently "exe /Online /Cleanup-photo /Scanhealth" "exe /Online /Cleanup-photo /Restorehealth".

This will repair mechanism documents to fix the difficulty. If it also stops working, just go on to the following technique.

3. Run BSOD Troubleshooter

Click on the Startswitch and go to Settings > Updates & Security > Troubleshoot.Scroll down the appropriate panel to uncover Blue Screen. Click it to expand.Click Run the Troubleshooterto cause the blue-display screen troubleshooting procedure.

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5. Upday Driver

Press "Windows + X" keys and then choose Device Managerin the pop-up menu to open up Device Manager.Expand also all the categories individually to uncover outdated or faulty drivers which are marked with a yellow warning sign.Right click the faulty driver and also pick Update driver.Select Search immediately for updated driver softwarein the pop-up window.

6. Use MiniDevice Partition to Fix MBR and also Make a Surface Test

Free Download

Click the over button cost-free download MiniDevice Partition Wizard.Launch this software application and go to its primary interface.Right click the disk and also select Redevelop MBR to resolve the MBR.Right click the disk and also choose Surface Test to see whether tright here are poor sectors on the disk.



If You Can"t Boot right into Windows or Safe Mode

If you can"t boot right into Windows or Safe Mode, you deserve to attempt the following techniques to resolve the difficulty.

1. Run SFC

Navigate to Troubleshoot > Cutting edge options > Command also Prompt.Type "sfc /scannow" and also press Enter


In the Command Prompt window, form CHKDSK *: /f and press Enter. Please note that “*” represents the drive letter of the certain drive that you want to shave the right to and also solve, and you should relocation it appropriately.

3. Redevelop MBR

In the Command also Prompt, kind the complying with regulates in turn:

bootrec /fixmbrbootrec /fixbootbootrec /rebuildbcd FacebookTwitterLinkedinReddit


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