Invalid system disk replace the disk

Original Title: hi tright here i bought my lappeak 2005 its packardbell i had actually the virus on it so i reset up once i was restalling it my windows xp is gon and also now im obtaining a messese "Invalid mechanism diskReplace the disk, and also then push any type of key

i tryed to reinstall my mechanism which didnt occupational so i rested my lapheight and also in acquiring a massege of "Invalid device diskReplace the disk, and also then push any key"

so how deserve to i settle this?

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Hi WaqasJaveed175,

·Were you able to boot from the Windows XP CD to start the installation?

·Did you inspect the settings in your computer system system BIOS (Basic Input Output System)?

It seems like the boot device priority in the BIOS for your computer system isn’t collection best. Due to the fact that you were not able to install Windows XP, the mechanism is looking for the Windows XP CD but the priority is set for Hard disk drive.

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Step 1: Check the boot device priority in the mechanism BIOS

Check your computer system documentation which has just how to acquire right into System BIOS. Normally Del or F2 vital would take you to mechanism BIOS. Once you get into System BIOS, adjust the Boot device priority in the following order to make your CD Drive as the initially boot device to start home windows XP installation.

1.CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive

2.Hard Disk

3.Drive A

BIOS Disclaimer: Modifying BIOS (Basic input output system)/complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) settings mistakenly can reason serious difficulties that might proccasion your computer system from booting properly. cannot guarantee that any problems resulting from the configuring of BIOS/CMOS settings can be addressed. Modifications of the settings are at your very own threat.

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Tip 2: Re-install Windows XP

Follow Method 1 under the section “Re-install Windows XP” from the connect provided listed below.

Step 3: An "Invalid System Disk" Error Post When You Start the Computer

After re-installing windows, if you still obtain the exact same error message, then you’ll have to readjust the boot gadget priority to your hard disk. Visit the connect listed below that would resolve your problem.

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Hope this information is helpful and also let me recognize if you need any type of better assistance.

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