Internet shortcut property sheet target

I produce a document by url extension and also kind complying with message right into in(its url is sample):

URL= some case i gettin this error:"The Target "" of this Web Shortreduced is not valid. Go to the internet shortreduced residential or commercial property sheet and also make certain the target is correct." (for sample if in path or name of tarobtain file exist area character)

my default web browser in Firefox. I want have actually a internet shortcut that open in all internet browser and on al os.What have the right to I resolved it problem?

(Sorry if I am utilizing the wrong terminology or grammar, I am self taught english language)


You may discover it simpler to create the "Net Short-cut" file by visiting the website making use of your browser and also then dragging the symbol to the left of the URL from the internet browser onto the desktop computer.

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You have the right to then view the resulting .url file to see the correct formulation or rename or relocate the file to another directory/folder as necessary.


Typo in the area keyword, tbelow is no space. It"s simply one word "InternetShortcut", not "Web Shortcut".

You have the right to view the syntaxes of various other sections and also keywords of this file kind, by dragging a shortcut from your browser to your desktop, and also then viewing that shortcut as a text file. Here"s what google.url looks like:

BASEURL=<000214A0-0000-0000-C000-000000000046>Prop3=19,2And here"s what each area means: guide to url file format


I had actually the very same error message. At some point established given that I had actually switched domain names and moved contents from an old profile to a new one, the permissions were applying for that user on the old doprimary and also not the new one. Was clued in to this by being able to open the .URL records in her Favorites as a neighborhood admin, yet not her.

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Had to open up properties of Favorites and also carry out Security -> Advanced -> Replace perobjectives...

This was on an XP machine, so I figured a similar Vista KB reference didn"t necessarily apply!


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