Internet explorer scroll bar not working

If you’re annoyed with your scroll bar disappearing eextremely time you take a pause, here’s a solve. I have to begin by saying I have actually Windows 10 and also it functioned perfectly for me. It may not work for all Windows versions.

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Click START on your computer and also form “Notepad”.Paste the complying with code in Notepad.

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-ms-viewportwidth:auto!importantSave the file somewright here on your computer you have the right to find later on, and name it something prefer “IEScrollbar.css”. Change the drop-down file kind to “All”.Open Internet Explorer and also click the equipment on the height ideal. Choose “Internet Options”.Click the “Accessibility” button at the bottom.Click package alongside “Format files utilizing my style sheet” then find the file you simply produced. Click OK.Close Web Explorer and also open it again.

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You should now always view your right-side scroll bar.

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MMM says:

On my Windows 7 machine, I sindicate opened Web Options, checked out the Cutting edge tab and also un-schosen “Enable visual formats on buttons and also controls in webpages”, under the Browsing subgroup. Boom – no even more disappearing scrollbars