Internet explorer restricted this webpage

Eincredibly time I run IE for seeing a javascript program, it says " Net Explorer restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls " and also a switch " Allow blocked content ". When I click it the problem is resolved, yet I have to carry out this eincredibly time. Does anybody know just how I deserve to fix it forever before on - Web Explorer - ?


1) Open Web Explorer.

You watching: Internet explorer restricted this webpage

2) On the Tools menu select Internet Options.

3) Select the Modern tab.

4) Scroll dvery own to uncover the Security choice.

5) Check the checkbox " Allow energetic content to run in papers on My Computer ".


Taken from here:

Tip 1: To troubleshoot the active X pop issue, follow the procedures and check if it helps:

a) Open Net Explorer.

See more: Windows Sockets Initialization Failed 5, Windows Sockets Initialization Failed

b) Click on Tools food selection and select Net Options.

c) Under Security tab click Custom level.

d) Scroll dvery own to the ActiveX controls and plug-ins group, and encertain that all ActiveX alternatives are set to either “Enable” or “Prompt”. Due to the fact that the remote viewing software application is published in an unsigned state, please make particular that the choices “Downfill unsigned ActiveX controls” and also “Initialize and also Script ActiveX controls not noted as safe” are collection to “Prompt”

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