Internet explorer only runs as administrator

The device is Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit, Internet Explorer 11. I reset up my operating mechanism within the last week so there"s incredibly bit in the means of "extras" on here that can be resulting in this.

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The problem is that I cannot start IE unless I run it as an Administrator. Running as an admin works fine. Running it typically will certainly just cause the IE window flashing open and then automatically cshedding. Looking at Task Manager, it"s absolutely quitting (i.e. not simply obtaining hidden or anything).

I see nothing in the Windows logs (application or system).

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I"m new to Success 8.1 and also IE 11, so probably there"s some good reason for this? Any concept what"s happening?


I was likewise having actually the same concern and also i had the ability to settle this by doing the complying with -

Go to IE > Web Options > Security > Unexamine "Enable Protected Mode"


Try checking the "begin in" and also "target" information under the properties menu for IE. I"ve transformed that information prior to in order to run as administrator.

The "target" field should be a straightforward route finishing in an exe extension while the "start in" area need to have actually system variables (such as %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%).


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