Internet connection sharing cannot be enabled a lan connection is already configured with the ip

For the past week I have been struggling through trying to share the wiremuch less internet from my lapoptimal through my desktop computer. Both computer systems are running Windows 7.

I have actually tried to bridge my wiremuch less and Ethernet relations, but the internet will not follow. Also, whenever I affix the two, I obtain a message on both computer systems saying that "Windows has actually detected an IP deal with dispute." I cannot recollection the IP attend to of my desktop computer (making use of "ipconfig /release", then "ipconfig /renew"), whenever before I try, it says:

"An error developed while renewing interconfront Local Area Connection : The DHCP client has obtained an IP address that is currently in use on the network. The neighborhood interchallenge will be disabled till the DHCP client deserve to achieve a new attend to." (this is shown in command prompt).

I have actually additionally tried making use of Internet Connection Sharing, but, whenever I attempt to setup this up, it claims that:

"An error arisen while Internet Connection Sharing we being permitted.

Web Connection Sharing cannot be enabled. A LAN link is already configured through the IP address that is required for automatic IP addressing."


This message shows up regardless if the other computer is associated or not. I execute not understand exactly how to change the LAN connection"s IP attend to. I am assuming that the LAN connection is the same as the Ethernet connection, please correct me if I am wrong.

I have done my study, searching almost everywhere the web, in truth, I was simply reading another fixed article before I determined to ultimately put my (what seems to be) distinctive trouble virtual. I carry out not know if I am doing somepoint wrong. Since I have the right to connect to both computer systems together and share records without any internet, simply the cord, I understand that both Ethernet cards are functioning. Also, I am utilizing a CAT5e cable (if that renders a difference).

I have actually been struggling via this so a lot, any help would certainly be exceptionally much appreciated.

Thank you,



Thanks heaps mate operated a treat. Had specifically the exact same trouble as Greg but this seemed to work for me.

I know this was a while earlier, yet I believe I have actually uncovered the cause of the difficulty. It shows up that my laptop wishes to link to get the recently common internet (LAN) to same IP deal with of my wireless rexternal.

Could this be the difficulty, and also if so, is tright here any kind of way to resolve it?


 By the method, simply believed I should mention that both lapoptimal and also computer system have the right to "see" each other and share records without internet.
James Bruce
ICS demands to put up the network-related card with to make it job-related. If you have actually something else on your network through that attend to, it will break. That consists of your wireless network-related. It"s very likely your rexternal is ALSO making use of this address, therefore the error. Are you able to accessibility the router config and also adjust the address?
That"s a limitation of Windows XP


For Windows 7 Internet Connection Sharing supplies the IP Address space and therefor shouldn"t cause that trouble.

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Did you attempt utilizing connectify ? because it will immediately share the link, does not require hands-on settings.

downpack :

(Reset the settings to default initially, or a mechanism reclaim, if you have actually changed many things so you can begin fresh.)

review below : connectify will certainly help you if you have a ip conflict.

As if it is their trouble !

So either it will let you affix, or they will certainly carry out assistance.

I am not saying that they will 100 %solve the trouble, however they deserve to aid you.
Correct me if I am wrong, but connectify is only for creating a wireless warm spot. I should share my wiremuch less to a wired link. If my desktop had wiremuch less, then I would certainly have actually no problem! Thanks for the help though.

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To use ICS, readjust the wireless network to a various deal with array,such as 192.168.1.x. or to change from 192.168.0.x to

Hello, did you run the ipconfig /flushdns before releasing/renewing the ip address? If you did not, attempt running that first and also then usage the ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew.

The adhering to attach will certainly present you exactly how to erected an static IP deal with if that is what you want to execute. At the finish of the short article, it will certainly display you some imperiods about exactly how to carry out it.
alternatives :

If possible, reset the rexternal.

attempt connectify :

rise the ip variety of DHCP

Check if the DHCP is allowed

Read this :
I am not certain by what you mean by "manual IP address". On both computer, the IPv4 properties are set to "Obtain an IP attend to automaticaly".


As for the ICS, my bridge was deleted before I tryed the ICS. In reality, i tried utilizing ICS prior to also creating a Network-related Bridge. The same error occurs. When I readjusted the IP address of the LAN link manually, ICS forced to readjust it back, then the same error confirmed up.

I get what must occur, but whatever before I attempt ends up with the same errors! Either simply a connected connection, or just ICS.
I would begin by reestablishing the IP and also WinSock adapter on the machine you are trying to setup the ICS/Network-related Bridge

1. click on Start and also enter "cmd" right into the Search box

2. right-click the "cmd.exe" outcome and pick "Run as Administrator..."

3. kind "netsh int ip recollection c:resetlog.txt"

4. type "netsh winsock reset catalog"

5. rebegin your mechanism

Now attempt to enable ICS as explained here. Also make sure that no proxy or automatic detection is permitted on the various other computer system as shown right here.

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Thanks for your help Mike, however it is still not working. I obtain the same error as before:


An error developed while Web Connection Sharing we being allowed.


Connection Sharing cannot be allowed. A LAN connection is currently

configured through the IP attend to that is compelled for automatic IP


Do you have actually any various other ideas? Sorry for the trouble.

Please read 
ha14:disqus comment

Although this is a WinXP trouble and also Windows 7 need to not have this limitation through ICS I likewise recommfinish altering the IP Address space of your existing network-related.
An error arisen while renewing interchallenge Local Area Connection : The DHCP client has derived an IP attend to that is already in usage on the netoccupational. The regional interchallenge will be disabled until the DHCP client deserve to attain a new resolve.

This leads me to think that your DHCP server ran out of deal with area. Have you controlled whether the pool is set large sufficient to cover all your devices? I assume your Rexternal is giving out IP Addresses so this is the area you want to go.


An error arisen while Internet Connection Sharing we being enabled.

Net Connection Sharing cannot be allowed. A LAN link is currently configured with the IP deal with that is forced for automatic IP addressing.

From your summary I would certainly say you tried to allow ICS without deleting the Network-related Bridge prior to it.

1. go to the "Netjob-related and also Sharing Center" within the Control Panel

2. on the left hand also side click on "Manage netjob-related connections"

3. delete any and also all existing network bridges
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