Installshield wizard hangs windows 10

I am in need of help. I tried to download my favorite game, wizard101 and also the installshield wizard froze half way via the set up. Believe me as soon as I say I have actually tried whatever to solve this. I searched up all I can uncover on the internet and also nopoint has resolved the difficulty, it"s still froze. Please offer advice.

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If you look up help for frozen installshield wizard on the internet, I tried it all over a duration of almost 5 hours. No luck at all, I am at a total loss regarding what to execute.

I am not sure this will work-related however downpack Windows repair and also only examine package next to Windows Installer.

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It"s doing 43 repairs windows installer is just one of them. Will let you understand as soon as it"s finished. Thank you for advice.
Still won"t uninstall, states please wait till the present routine is finiburned uninstalling or being readjusted. It"s wbelow the installshield wizard is still frozen. Any more ideas I have the right to try?
So, I tried to install my game aget anyway, it claims, the mounted version of the application could not be established. The setup will currently terminate.

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I am not certain what else to attempt various other than to perhaps find another source for the file. You did attempt to install by ideal clicking and also choosing Run As Administrator?


Edit: I did uncover this. Its for Vista however need to job-related for 7

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