Installshield 1611 unable to extract the file

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New (refurbished Dell XPS running vista house premium. Tried to install Printshop propublisher deluxe v22 however installer stops working (installshield 1611: unable to extract the file) and also then as the installer tries to do its thing, it don"t perform it its point. Net framework was set up initially as part of this automatic install. Have tried succeeding times, last time after SP 2 install.

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Mouneshwar R
Replied on April 30, 2010

Hi bernielatham,

The factor why you’re not able to install Publish Shop Pro Publisher Deluxe Version 22 is bereason it’s not compatible via Windows Vista and also tbelow is a Windows Vista compatibility patch which you deserve to gain it as a free upgrade. Visit the attach for the exact same.

To obtain the free upgrade, visit the link below.

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Vista compatibility patch for The Print Shop 22 and also Publish Master 17

After installing the patch, you can attempt installing Publish Shop Pro Publisher Deluxe Version 22.

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For Your Information: You can also notification that Publish Shop Pro Publisher Deluxe Version 23 is entirely compatible through Windows Vista 32 bit.

Hope this information was useful.Mouneshwar R – Support--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Visit our Feedago Forum and let us know what you think