Inbox repair tool not responding

Remo Repair Outlook PST is the best alternative for Microsoft Outlook inbox repair tool (Scanpst.exe). This utility is developed to by-pass Microsoft Outlook Repair Device Not Responding error and to repair your corrupt Outlook file by an effective technique.

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Problems favor Oversized PST, Imcorrect Outlook shutdown, CRC errors in tough drive or any various other functionality concerns are no much longer a issue currently. Downpack now to attempt the software for cost-free.



A easy “Microsoft Outlook Not Responding” error dialog box have the right to destroy your entire workday. Microsoft Office"s Outlook has actually an inbuilt inbox repair tool dubbed Scanpst.exe. This inbox repair tool scans the PST file and fixes the corruption or damage done to the file, making it prepared to be accessed. What if you encounter an “Outlook Repair tool Not Responding” error at a time choose this. This implies that the Outlook repair tool itself quit functioning.

Click here for the ScanPST.exe place in your computer


Fortunately, there is an alternative to this inbox repair tool. Unlike Scanpst which has many attract backs that shall be debated later, this Remo Repair Outlook PST tool is extremely efficient and also deserve to be very handy at times of PST file corruption scenarios.


Hence, scanpst.exe cannot be taken into consideration deal with all your Outlook connected issues. When this tool initiates repair on a corrupted Outlook PST file, it refers the storage table which has indevelopment around the files and also folders. After the comparichild it corrects any type of minor changes in file styles or structures. Hence only minor corruptions deserve to be repaired making use of this Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool.

On particular occasions this repair process involves getting rid of corrupted indevelopment. As the inbox repair tool functions on the original PST file, you can permanently shed your Outlook information. Due to assorted reasons, this Outlook repair tool is well-known to freeze or stop responding as soon as the repair is in progression and also you might also lose mails after Scanpst error.

If this tool stops responding, a simple termination of job can fix the corruption issues. But it is not constantly going to occupational. Tright here are assorted reasons for this situation that shall be debated later on. The bigger issue but is exactly how frequent this error reflects up.

What are the reasons of Outlook inbox repair tool not responding error?

Imcorrect Outlook shutdownCRC errors in hard driveBad sectors in difficult driveAdd-ins interfering through usability.When Outlook data paper size exceeds its maximum dimension limitMalware or virus infected files.Outdated MS Outlook.

Each of these reasons have actually a various trouble shooting methodology. As disputed over the constraints and the causes of this error reflect the inability of Scanpst.exe. These attract backs define the need for a more effective tool to repair Outlook PST files.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST): A Reliable Alterindigenous tool for Scanpst.exe

Remo PST repair tool is a robust tool via clear insight into addressed block schema of PST documents. It is designed to answer to a lot of of your PST connected problems consisting of “Microsoft inbox repair tool not responding” error in Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, and also previous Outlook versions. It shows up plainly that Remo"s alternate for the inbox repair tool is the ideal means to solve your PST file.

While repairing corrupt PST papers and also file devices is Remo Software’s strongorganize, they have actually designed this repair tool through precision to make it a one stop solution for all your PST connected difficulties.

To make it even more clear the following examine list comparing how Remo Repair Outlook is much better than the inbuilt Outlook pst repair tool has actually been presented:

Scanpst.exeRemo Repair Outlook
Scanpst.exe functions on the original PST file thus any transforms cannot be returned.Remo Repair functions on a copy of your PST file staying clear of any dameras to your original file.
Scanpst has a straight-forward approach and also long-term data loss is highly feasible.Avoids long-term loss of information on your PST file by functioning on a copy, so that you always have actually your original untouched.
Only capable to repair minor corruptions.

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Can conquer severe corruptions, oversized PST trouble and access the inobtainable Outlook PST and also OST files.
Cannot recover deleted messages.Remo repair has actually a virtue of respanning your deleted messperiods / mails.
When essential indevelopment of header through regards to a mail is lost, scanpst dispenses them and also they cannot be retrieved.Mails that have actually lost header indevelopment as a result of corruption dubbed orphaned papers can additionally be retrieved and also categorized as lost and discovered.
Does not have smart shave the right to function. A default scan strategy is implemented.Tright here is a secondary attribute dubbed smart shave the right to in Remo repair Outlook. This feature even more boosts the sdeserve to methodology and also deeply scans the file for significant corruptions and deleted mails in order to recoup.
A report of number of documents is provided but tright here is no ptestimonial.The extracted records can be preregarded and you have the right to refine your extraction by selecting particular files.

Here’s just how to repair a PST file as soon as your Outlook repair tool is not responding:

Tip 1: Downpack and Install free demo variation of Remo Repair Outlook tool.

Tip 2: After launching the software program, the primary display has actually three options listed. Select proper alternative according to their description listed below and also click Next:


Open Default PST File: This option finds the default place of your PST file.

Select PST Data Manually: This alternative will certainly let you manually select the path of your PST file if you take place to know the location

Find All Your PST Files: All the PST documents existing on the disk can be availed when you pick this option. Once you click on following Select the file you desire to repair.

Tip 3: The following display comprises of two sections:


Step 4: Choice of correct scanning method

i. Typical Scan: Select this option if the corruption of your PST is low.ii. Smart Scan: Select this option if tright here is high level corruption on your file or if you deleted any type of folder / messeras or altered the indexing.

Tip 5: Browse destination route to save repaired PST file: Here you can browse for area on your computer system to save the addressed PST file post repair.

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Step 6: Now click Repair button

Step 7: The following display is the pevaluation of all the recovered Outlook items and also this concludes the repair procedure of a PST file using Remo repair Outlook

Now open up Outlook and also import the repaired Personal folders PST file from the selected location


With the above-discussed technique, you must have properly repaired your Outlook PST records. However before, if you are dealing with any type of obstacles in the time of the PST repair process, utilize the technological assistance offered by Remo Software technological team.