Inaccessible due to its protection level

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I"m finding this error within a bought package and am unable to discover a solution: " inaccessible due to its security level." This happens via the majority of contained Cs scripts.

Thanks, Harley

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getyour411 · Feb 22, 2014 at 08:03 PM 0

Sjust how an instance - in C# this would be as a result of private/public/protected/etc., it"s most likely fundamentally the same in JS yet an example would certainly assist.

writestuff77 · Feb 22, 2014 at 08:22 PM 0

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This is just one of them,thx for the quick reply

function Start () camera.allowed = false; controlCenter = GameObject.Find("Control Center");// accessibility the manage facility i$$anonymous$$ode = controlCenter.GetComponent(Game$$anonymous$$anager).i$$anonymous$$ode; feature Update () if (Input.Get$$anonymous$$eyDown("i")) Toggle$$anonymous$$ode(); // speak to the function if i key is pressed // toggle inventory visibility feature Toggle$$anonymous$$ode () // if tbelow is a food selection open, inventory is not permitted if(controlCenter.GetComponent($$anonymous$$enu$$anonymous$$anager).menu$$anonymous$$ode) return; if (i$$anonymous$$ode) // if you are in inventory mode, revolve it off video camera.enabled = false;// turn off the video camera fPController.GetComponent(Character$$anonymous$$otor).enabled = true; // rotate on navigation fPController.GetComponent(FPAdventurerInputController).permitted = true; // revolve on navigating fPController.GetComponent($$anonymous$$ouseLookRestricted).allowed = true; // revolve on navigation fPCamera.GetComponent($$anonymous$$ouseLookRestricted).allowed = true; i$$anonymous$$ode = false; // change the flag yield new WaitForSeconds(0.5); // delay changing the i$$anonymous$$ode flag controlCenter.GetComponent(Game$$anonymous$$anager).i$$anonymous$$ode = false; // indevelop the manager controlCenter.GetComponent($$anonymous$$enu$$anonymous$$anager).i$$anonymous$$ode = false; // indevelop the manager controlCenter.Send$$anonymous$$essage("ReTrigger$$anonymous$$O"); // recreate mouseover else // else it was off so revolve it on electronic camera.enabled = true;// rotate on the video camera fPController.GetComponent(Character$$anonymous$$otor).permitted = false; // revolve off navigating fPController.GetComponent(FPAdventurerInputController).enabled = false; // turn off navigation fPController.GetComponent($$anonymous$$ouseLookRestricted).allowed = false; // turn off navigating fPCamera.GetComponent($$anonymous$$ouseLookRestricted).enabled = false; i$$anonymous$$ode = true; // readjust the flag controlCenter.GetComponent(Game$$anonymous$$anager).i$$anonymous$$ode = true; // inform the manager controlCenter.GetComponent($$anonymous$$enu$$anonymous$$anager).i$$anonymous$$ode = true; // inform the manager attribute DoTheJob () if(i$$anonymous$$ode) Toggle$$anonymous$$ode ();

getyour411 · Feb 22, 2014 at 08:25 PM 0
That"s a start, now present an example of the actual error as it relates to Toggle$$anonymous$$ode or DoTheJob

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writestuff77 · Feb 22, 2014 at 09:00 PM 0

Sorry,I"ve got a really bad internet link and struggle to affix sometimes :(

the error:

Assets/Adundertaking Scripts/Inventory$$anonymous$$anager.js(10,52): BCE0120: "Game$$anonymous$$anager.i$$anonymous$$ode" is ineasily accessible due to its protection level. and also Assets/Adendeavor Scripts/Inventory$$anonymous$$anager.js(24,47): BCE0120: "$$anonymous$$enu$$anonymous$$$$anonymous$$ode" is inaccessible as a result of its defense level. and also Assets/Adventure Scripts/Inventory$$anonymous$$anager.js(35,47): BCE0120: "Game$$anonymous$$anager.i$$anonymous$$ode" is ineasily accessible due to its protection level. and also numerous others