Ieee 802.11 wlan not exist

The computer system presented ieee802.11 is not exist, yet computer system connect to router is not problem? What sort of trouble is it? How to settle it?
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Ravinath P
Replied on January 12, 2013
In reply to jw9898's write-up on January 6, 2013


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Please answer these concerns which is crucial for additionally assistance.

1. Which babsence cross icon are you referring to?

2. What execute you intend by " Lapoptimal connect to router and also online is work"?

3. Are you able to attach to the network?

Try these measures and check:

As the worry appeared after installing Samsung AllShare software program, attempt to inspect for the issue in safe mode with networking and also then percreate clean boot. If this failstry to perdevelop system restore.

Method 1:

Step 1: I would suggest you to boot in safe mode via netfunctioning and also inspect if you face the same concern.

Safe mode starts Windows through a restricted set of files and also drivers. Startup programs do not run in safe mode, and also just the fundamental drivers required to startWindows are mounted.

To boot into safe mode describe the link offered below:

a) Restart the computer system.

b) Start tapping the F8 key.

c) You will get advanced boot alternative home window.

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d) Select the option “Safe mode through Networking”.

Refer to the link provided listed below for even more information on safe mode:

If the issue does not occur in safe mode I would certainly recommfinish that you perform Clean Boot.

Step 2:

A clean boot helps to verify if any type of third party application services or startup item is resulting in this issue.

You might refer the following KB post to collection the computer system in clean boot:

How to troubleshoot a trouble by percreating a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

Note: Put the computer to normal as mentioned in Tip 3 from the KB write-up.

Method 2:

System Restore helps you restore your computer"s mechanism papers to an previously point in time. It"s a way to undo device changes to your computer without affecting your individual documents, such as e‑mail, files, or photos.

What is System Restore?

Note: When you perdevelop System Resave to reclaim the computer to previous state, programs and also updays you mounted are removed.

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Hope this helps. If you have any even more queries regarded Windows feel complimentary to post below at Community.