Icloudservices.exe - entry point not found

If you’ve unfortunately been forced to use iTunes, you’re most likely offered to having actually many errors. If you’ve been acquiring an “AppleSyncNotifier.exe – Enattempt Point Not Found” error eincredibly time you reboot your PC, here’s exactly how to settle it.

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The full message of the error states “The procedure enattempt point xmlTextReaderConstName can not be situated in the dynamic attach library libxml2.dll.” Obviously this is not the kind of article that will certainly apply to many human being, yet I personally encountered this error on a brief person’s computer system, and figured I’d write it up simply in situation somebody else came across it.

The Problem

This error is happening because every time your computer starts, it’s launching miscellaneous Apple-related background utilities consisting of AppleSyncNotifier.exe. This utility is attempting to pack some information from a database and can’t uncover the right version of the DLL file, because Apple’s installers are lousy. All we should carry out is put the file into the ideal place, and also it’ll be solved.

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Fixing the Error

To deal with the difficulty, we’ll have to move 2 documents from one catalog to the other one. So open up up the first folder:

C:Program FilesTypical FilesAppleApple Application Support

Keep in mind that if you’re utilizing 64-little bit Windows, you’ll have to look in the C:Program Files (x86) folder.


Once you’re inside that folder, uncover these two documents and copy them:


You can just usage Ctrl+C or the food selection to copy the files.

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Now switch to this folder:

C:Program FilesTypical FilesAppleMobile Device Support

Paste the documents right into tbelow (you’ll have to accept a UAC prompt), and you must be excellent to go.

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