Icloud.exe entry point not found

If your classiccomputers.info starting unfortunately with the error says “The procedure enattempt point xmlTextReaderConstName might not be located in the dynamic connect library libxml2.dll.

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” or similar to this, the article is just for you.

Actually just few person"s computer system would encounter such trouble. This error is happening bereason eincredibly time your classiccomputers.info starts, it’s launching miscellaneous Apple-associated background utilities. This utility is attempting to pack some indevelopment from a database and can’t discover the best version of the DLL file, because Apple’s installers are lousy. All we have to carry out is put the file right into the appropriate area, and also it’ll be fixed. Simply follow the measures to fix the problem manually.


Systems 1: Remove iTunes from Your Computer and also Reinstall

Please remove all the 6 iTunes connected solutions from your computer system, download and also install the latest iTunes on computer system. Then launch classiccomputers.info to view whether the trouble stays.


Systems 2: Move the *.dll file from one catalog to the various other one

To settle the problem, we’ll should relocate the *.dll file from one brochure to the other one.

Tip 1Open home windows traveler, open up up the first folder: C:Program FilesTypical FilesAppleApple Application Support.

Please note that: If you’re using 64-bit Windows, you’ll must look in the C:Program Files (x86) folder.


Step 2Once you’re inside that folder, discover the file can not be located in the dynamic connect library in your computer, such as "libxml2.dll" or "WTF.dll", "libxml3.dll", "WebKit.dll".

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You have the right to simply use Ctrl+C or the food selection to copy the papers.


Tip 3Now switch to the classiccomputers.info installation folder. If you never before readjust, it should be: C:Program Filesclassiccomputers.info.

Please note that: If you’re making use of 64-bit Windows, you’ll need to look in the C:Program Files (x86) folder.

Tip 4Paste the file right into classiccomputers.info folder (you’ll have to accept a UAC prompt), and you have to be great to go.

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If the difficulty might not be addressed after trying the options, please contact us by means of digital form.