Ibuffalo snes usb controller driver

Just this day I developed a retropie system making use of a raspberry pi 3 version B board. I ordered 2 Ibuffalo SNES controllers to go with it so that I can play games. One controller works perfectly no matter which usb port it is in. The various other controller isn't known no matter what port I put it in. When both controllers are plugged in, it still claims one controller when I go to configuration. I have not tampered via them in any type of way and they are the same controllers. Does anyone have any kind of ideas? I have tried refounding the pi multiple times and also the controller still isn't well-known.

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Edit: For those that check out this later, the trouble became a broken controller. I refunded the original one and also gained a replacement, and also now it functions perfectly.


I've ordered at leastern 4 of them from Amazon in the last 6 months. 2 of them had switch problems or a really lose direction pad. Told Amazon and also they immediately refunded me. Love the controllers as soon as they work though.

Have you tried the controller plugged in on its own?

Have you tried the controller on a various device ?

Yes, neither joy to vital nor dolphin have the right to recognise the controller on the computer and also it doesn't work on its own in the pi.

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The working controller is well-known by both programs.

Edit: The computer additionally claims it cannot acknowledge the one that isn't working. The working one causes no such messeras.

Have you configured the controllers in the retroarch.cfg file to include the second controller? I have the same controllers and also the same difficulty that I determined a few weeks ago. Look at the custom retroarch configuration section. https://github.com/RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup/wiki/RetroArch-Configuration

Edit: This will certainly perform it globally. You must do it on the certain emulator for the specific controller.

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Sorry I don't watch custom configuration. I watch auto reconfiguration, difficult coded reconfiguration, and core remapping. Which one did you mean?


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