Hybrid laptops with discrete gpu connected to display

In this tutorial you"ll discover a number of techniques to deal with the complying with issue: Windows 10 1803 Upday cannot be set up on Hybrid laptops through discrete GPU, with error "Some apps have to be unmounted. These programs need to be uninstalled because they aren"t compatible with the upgrade: Hybrid laptops with discrete GPU associated to display". 


Problem in details: When you attempt to update Windows 10 at the latest build 1803, on a laptop through a discrete GPU (e.g. on a "Dell XPS" or a "DellAlienware" lapheight ), you get an error message that claims that "Some apps need to be uninstalled" because they aren"t compatible with the upgrade. But, once you choose the uninstall choice, you receive another error message that says, that the uninstall stops working and you have to manually uninstall these apps: Hybrid laptops via discrete GPU connected to display.

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How to FIX Windows 10 1803 update issue: Hybrid laptop computers with discrete GPU connected to display.

Method 1. Install the Windows 10 1803 Update Manually.

1. Navigate to Windows 10 downpack site and click the Update now switch.2. Save the "Windows10Upgrade9252.exe" file on your desktop.3. Double click at the download file to open up the Windows Upgrade Assistant.


4. Click Upday Now & then click Next.


5. Let Windows to complete the downloading and the verification.6. When the verification is reaches 100%, disattach your computer system from the Internet, or collection it to "Airairplane mode".7. Wait till Windows updating your system.8. When triggered, restart your system to install the upday.

Method 2. Disable Display Adapters from Device Manager.

The second approach to fix the Windows 10 1803 Update problem on hybrid laptop computers discrete GPU, is to disable the graphic cards before updating to Windows 10 v1803. To do that:

1. Press Windows

+ R tricks to open up the run command box.2. Type: devmgmt.msc & click OK to open "Device Manager".


3. In Device Manager expand the Display Adapters.4. Right click on all installed graphic adapters and select Disable.


5. Restart the computer.6. Use the Windows Upday Assistant (see Method-1 above) to downfill and also install the Windows 10 1803 Update. *

* Note: If the update installation is successful, then re-open up device manager and also enable the display adapters. If the installation fails aacquire, continue to next method.

Method 3. Uninstall Display Drivers.

1. Press at the same time the Windows

+ R tricks to open up the run command box.2. Type: appwiz.cpl and also click OK.


3. In Programs and also Features, uninstall all the NVIDIA & Intel Software.

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4. Then, open up Device Manager & expand the Display adapters.5. Right click eextremely set up adapter and click Uninstall device.


6. Select to Delete the driver software application for this device (if prompted) and also click Uninstall.


7. When the uninstall is completed, follow the instructions from method-1 over to update Windows 10 to the the latest construct (1803).8. After Upday, continue and connect your COMPUTER to the Net aacquire and also let Windows 10 to reinstall the required motorists for your graphics adapters.

Method 4. Upday to Windows 10 v1803 utilizing the Media Creation Device.

1. Downfill Microsoft"s Media Creation Device. ( Source: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 )

2. Run the Media Creation Tool and also Accept the License Terms at the initially display screen.3. Select Create installation media for another PC.


4. At "Language, style and also edition" display click Next.5. Place a dot at ISO file and click Next.


6. Save the "Windows.iso" file to your desktop computer.7. The Media Creation Device will certainly now begin to downfill the Windows 10 in an ISO format.8. When the downfill is completed, close the Media Creation Device.

9. Disconnect your computer system from the Internet, or collection it to "Airaircraft mode".

10. Then, ideal click the "Windows.iso" file (on your desktop) and click Mount.11. Double click at Setup application.


12. At the below display pick "Not appropriate now" and also click Next.


13. Follow the rest ondisplay screen instructions to upday your device.

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