Http error 502.5 - process failure

I received a new error this particular day that I haven"t got prior to when deploying dotnet core apps. It was as the title suggested an "HTTP Error 502.5 - Process Failure" error.

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Namong the suggestions had actually any type of effect and also hours of Googling additionally didn"t assist either until ultimately, I came across a solution that operated.

The Solution

I inevitably discovered a solution on the aspnet / Hosting repo on GitHub on concern number #1234 (funny sufficient, it feels comprised, yet isn"t). jdownie write-ups the complying with solution:

Man! I lastly functioned this one out (in my instance) and also I discovered that web.config had actually processPath="dotnet". I had to go into cmd.exe to run where.exe (bereason that indicates something else in powershell now) and also situated dotnet in C:Program Filesdotnetdotnet.exe.I then collection processPath="C:Program Filesdotnetdotnet.exe" and also voila! Mind you, I had actually changed around 500 various other points trying to work it out, so tright here might have been other determinants at play. Just posting what I uncovered FWIW.Although that solution worked for me, it wasn"t great sufficient. The difficulty below is that I deploy every little thing through TFS or VSTS so I couldn"t just manually set the worth.

My Solution

Although hacky, my solution functions for me. Comparable to just how the solution over operated for jdownie

. I"m lucky sufficient to have the ability to place an agent on my internet server so I have the right to run this technique otherwise unzipping, tough coding the worth from the develop server and also zipping up the publish package have the right to additionally work.

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Basically what I have actually done is after I web deploy, I have a final phase which checks the machine Paths atmosphere variable and also sets the processPath to the initially path it finds that contains dotnet.exe in it.

param($config)if (-not (Test-Path -LiteralPath $config))Write-Host "##vsoNo internet.config discovered at '$($config)'."elseWrite-Output "Loading config file from $($config)"$xml = (Get-Content $config) $Paths = ::GetEnvironmentVariable("Path","MACHINE").Split(';')$DotNetPath = ""foreach($Path in $Paths)$DotNetPath = "$($Path)dotnet.exe"if (Test-Path -LiteralPath $DotNetPath)breakif (-not (Test-Path -LiteralPath $DotNetPath))Write-Host "##vsocan't find dotnet.exe." $xml.configuration.'device.webServer'.aspNetCore.SetAttribute("processPath",$DotNetPath)$xml.Save($config)Now on eincredibly deploy, I have actually a running website that is guaranteed to have a valid dotnet.exe value.


and also I guess even more importantly, a running site:




.NET Core although obtaining mature, is not rather there in all aspects and also you are going to hit some concerns with it that you wouldn"t suppose.

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The excellent point about this is the assistance from the area and Microsoft is brilliant and also the decision to go .NET Core would not be a bad one