Html not opening in chrome

I"ve been functioning on a task for days. I provided to modify, open up that up, refresh and save on working on that (obviously you males know the process). But currently I can"t open the file with a double-click. I"ve gone through eincredibly information like making certain whether chrome is my default web browser or not, establishing chrome as the default application for HTML records and so on Need your help

Thanks in advance

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What happens as soon as you attempt to double click on the file? Does it open a web browser at all? Does it open a tab with the title of your page?


It doesn"t do anypoint at all. I expect it does not hang up or something choose that. It"s favor as if it ignores the double click wholly.


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I"m not certain what operating mechanism you"re making use of. In windows, attempt right clicking your .html file and choosing "open with" and also then click on chrome. You deserve to also examine a box to constantly open up papers of that type in Chrome. In OSX you have the right to appropriate click on the file choose "gain info" and also then scroll down and check which regimen it should be opening in.

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