Html auto scroll to bottom

I have actually made chat device, but I had actually a difficulty with scrolling div for the messperiods that the scroll bar need to be at the bottom as default.

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.chat-scrollposition: absolute; top:0px; bottom: 0px; overflow-y: auto;I use JQuery for submit message from the input create to reload the content of the #chat-scrolland the auto scrolling is okay for submit, but once at initially load of the page, the scroll just stays at the middle of the div #chat-scroll. Unprefer if I submit a message it will certainly go to the bottom once I sfinish message.

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JQuery For Scrolling

$("#chat-scroll").animate(scrollTop: $("#chat-scroll").get(0).scrollHeight, 2000);



When window pack scroll your chat div at bottom utilizing document.ready


$(document).ready(function() $("#chat-scroll").animate( scrollTop: $("#chat-scroll").get(0).scrollHeight , 2000););



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