Hp laptop disk usage 100 windows 10

Your Windows 10 HP laptop is extremely slow-moving and practically unusable, so you open up Task Manager and discover that it"s showing 100% disk usage? No abnormal software was found? Restarted the lapheight, however the 100% disk usage problem persists? You are not alone. More than one thousand also individuals reported on the Microsoft community and also HP forum that they had the very same trouble. But take it simple. We have actually collected some reliable methods to assist you solve the difficulty of 100% disk intake on Windows 10 HP laptop.

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Fix 100% disk intake in Windows 10 HP laptop

In truth, this difficulty deserve to happen on any kind of brand also of lappeak, such as Dell, Lenovo, Asus, etc. The factor varies from computer system to computer system. Try these methods one by one until you uncover the one that works for you.

1. Check disk for errors and also malware

If you can’t discover any programs that are constantly reading and also writing to your difficult disk, and rebeginning your computer system does not work-related, inspect your difficult drive for errors and also malware before taking any type of better procedures. Because disk errors and malware assaults deserve to be the cause of 100% disk consumption.

To examine for disk errors, ideal click the drive (e.g. C:) which you wish to check and also pick Properties. After the Properties dialog is opened, click the Tools tab and then click the Check switch. Click Sdeserve to drive if essential. Then wait for the checking to complete. If errors are found, you will certainly be compelled to restart your computer system to repair the errors.


To examine for virus or malware, simply open the Windows Security application, click Virus & threat security, and then click Fast scan (or Shave the right to now in an older version of Windows 10) to run a shave the right to of your computer. If a virus or malware is discovered, remove it.


2. Disable the organization resulting in 100% disk usage

According to Microsoft Agent, some mechanism services occasionally cause 100% disk usage. It has been evidenced that the major solutions bring about the trouble are Superfetch, Xbox Live Auth Manager, Windows Search, Windows Update, HomeGroup Listener and also HomeGroup Provider. Follow the actions listed below to disable the business.

Tip 1: Open the Task Manager, pick the Services tab, and also then click Open Services at the bottom.


Step 2: When the Services app is opened up, discover the company named Superfetch (referred to as SysKey in the more recent variation of Windows 10), ideal click it and select Properties.


Step 3: When the Superfetch Properties home window opens, select ‘Disabled’ from the drop-down food selection alongside ‘Startup type’, and then click Apply to save the alters.


Tip 4: Rebegin Windows 10 and inspect if the 100% disk intake worry has been resolved. If the worry persists, disable Xbox Live Auth Manager, Windows Search, Windows Upday, HomeGroup Listener and also HomeGroup Provider solutions respectively, and also then rebegin Windows 10. You might likewise want to review How to Disable Uncrucial Services in Windows 10

3. Disable the disk defragmentation schedule

The fragmentation consolidates broke up documents on your difficult drive and enables efficient and also much faster accessibility to storage locations on the drive. However before, occasionally this process can obtain corrupted by some malware or applications, hence creating an uncarry out process in the disk and also leading to difficulties like 100% disk intake. To resolve this problem, you will certainly have to disable scheduled defragmentation from your task scheduler.

Tip 1: Type "job scheduler” (without quotation marks) in the search box on the left side of the taskbar and press Get in to open the Task Scheduler app.

Tip 2: Go to Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > Defrag. Select ScheduledDefrag on the middle pane, and also then click End on the right-side pane. When a dialog pops up asking if you desire to finish all instance of this task, click Yes.


Tip 3: Click Disable on the right-side pane and the defragment schedule will be disabled.


Step 4: Rebegin your Windows 10 and examine if the 100% disk intake has actually been resolved.

4. Start Maintenance

Dozens of HP lapoptimal users reported that they resolved the 100% disk intake problem by Start Maintenance.

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Tip 1: Open Control Panel and go to System and Security > Security Maintenance.


Tip 2: Expand Maintenance and then click Start maintenance. Wait about 15 minutes and then watch if the disk utilization has dropped.


5. Clean system junk files

In general, device junk documents execute not have actually a far-ranging influence on Windows, but once they accumulate to a specific level, difficulties deserve to occur on some computer systems, and the disk usage trouble is not ruled out.

Tip 1: Downpack and also install classiccomputers.info System Refixer on your Windows 10 HP lappeak. After installation, launch this tool.

Step 2: Select the Clean All tab and click Sdeserve to. This tool will sdeserve to your difficult disk quickly.


Step 3: When the scan is complete, click Clean to clean out all unimportant system junk papers and damaged registry entries.


Step 4: When the cleaning is finish, rebegin your Windows 10 and also watch if the 100% disk consumption difficulty has been addressed.

6. Disable MSI for AHCI Controller

There is a page on Microsoft’s official website that clearly stats that Task Manager could show 100% disk utilization on Windows 10 devices through Message Signaled Interrupt (MSI) mode permitted. This largely happens on the computer system running the inbox AHCI driver. In this case, you need to disable MSI for the AHCI controller in the registry. For in-depth procedures, refer to Microsoft Official web page.


7. Turn on High Performance

According to a survey, the 100% disk usage difficulty is more most likely to take place on computer systems through HDDs or a mix of HDDs and also SSDs. Changing the power arrangement to High Performance may aid fix the trouble. To do this, open up Control Panel, go to Hardware and Sound > Power Options, and then select High Performance.


8. Uninstall HP CoolSense

A few HP individuals find HP CoolSense to be the reason of 100% disk consumption. After uninstalling HP CoolSense, their disk utilization dropped swiftly from 100% to much less than 10%.

Step 1: Right click the Windows symbol on the left side of the taskbar, and select Apps and also Features.

Tip 2: Find the HP CoolSense app from the list, click it and also pick Uninstall to uninstall it from your Windows 10.

Tip 3: Rebegin Windows 10 and inspect if the 100% disk intake difficulty has been readdressed.

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The Final Words:

That’s all the methods that have assisted various other users successfully deal with the 100% disk usage trouble on Windows 10 HP lapheight. If none works for you, reinstalling Windows 10 is the last choice you can attempt.