How to use avs video editor


"The first is the worst" is not around your main experiences via AVS Video Editor anyeven more if prior to using it to implement your principles right into truth you will certainly count on the complying with logical procedures thus passing on to the main actions without any type of delay and also difficulties.

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Tip 1: Downfill and also install AVS Video Editor

Click below to downfill it. After the downfill is finimelted, run the AVSVideoEditor.exe file and also follow the installation wizard instructions.

Step 2: Launch AVS Video Editor and fill your video

Run AVS Video Editor. To develop your brand-new job you can fill a wanted video file utilizing various sources:


In any kind of case your input video file will certainly be placed right into the Current Project folder of the Media Library and also shown in the Files and also Effects Area. At this minute you"ll be asked if you want to set the aspect ratio for this job in accordance through the element of the first video or not.

Note: it is recommfinished to collection the element ratio for your job at the beginning of your work to protect against distortions of the output video. If you must change the aspect proportion of the job, select the Aspect Ratio item in the Edit area of the Top Menu, then set an appropriate worth. You might refer to our Online help to learn even more.


If you desire to pack some even more files to your existing project usage the Import, Capture or Display Capture butlots of the Media Library.

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To navigate between your media documents loaded into the regimen use the folders on the left. You have the right to additionally type your media records using the category butlots located over the Files and also Effects Area.

Note: you have the right to discover some prefigured out Samples in each category of media documents.

Step 3: Add your video to the Timeline

To apply different results to your video, place the movie to the Timeline area, initially of all. If you import a brand-new file to the regimen making use of the buttons from the Start Project web page, this file will certainly be included to the Timeline immediately. If you have to add several more files to the Timeline perform it manually. Select your video in the Files and Effects Area and also without releasing the left computer mouse button drag it to the incredibly first row of the Timeline and also only after that release the switch to drop the video there:


Now all the preliminary actions are done and also you can continue to add transitions, apply various impacts, lay text and also other videos over the main ones, dub episodes and also create DVDs via menus.

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