How to type and move mouse at the same time

I gained a new Lenovo Flex 2 15 a pair of days earlier, and also the lapoptimal is functioning pretty well.However, as soon as I usage the keyboard then quickly attempt to relocate the computer mouse through the touchpad, I am unable to relocate the computer mouse for at least half a second-or-so.

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The precise exact same question exists right here, however but it has no responses.I"ve currently gotten in the Windows 8.1 "PC Settings" and also set the touchpad delay setting to "No Delay (always on)":


I have actually looked in the Control Panel"s Mousage settings and also the settings for the touchpad, yet nothing referrals to this behaviour.

How have the right to I remove this delay so I can use both the keyboard and computer mouse at the same time?My laptop also is equipped with a touch-display screen, so possibly this has actually something to perform with it?

Edit: Not a hardware concern, the Synaptic icon in the taskbar shows that the system recognises once I perform, say, Ctrl+Z + relocate the touchpad; it"s just that the actual computer mouse on the screen isn"t relocating.

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On touchpads made by Synaptics, this is a "user-comfort" feature referred to as PalmCheck. Touchpad procedure is purposely blocked as soon as you are pressing keys on integrated key-board.

You deserve to disable the feature in control panel "Mouse" by minimizing PalmCheck sensitivity. Open computer mouse control panel and follow yellow highlights from peak to bottom:


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When changing the "delay" setting to "No Delay (constantly on)" does notwork, go to regmodify and follow this regisattempt path:


Then change "AAPThreshold" from 2 (or, whatever worth is set) to 0.

You may have to reboot for alters to take result.

The habits may likewise be dvery own to the drivers; so if the over did not occupational,encertain that they are approximately date.Driver updays are usually found in Windows Update, Optional updates section.

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This sounds prefer more of a hardware concern than a settings issue. Given the big amount of hits with "Flex 2 touchpad issues" you"re most likely going to endure this concern till you switch to using an exterior key-board and computer mouse or replace the lapoptimal. That said tright here are numerous points to attempt.

Uninstall and also reinstall the touchpad. It"s feasible that it can be conflicting through the key-board interrupts.Uninstall and also reinstall the keyboard. Same thing as above though it"s a toss-up as to which one could be bring about the conflict.

Hopefully one of these points occupational, worse pertains to worse try to connect via Lenovo Support and also go from there. Might be worthwhile to look into the return policy for wright here you made your purchase and also attempt to gain a various laptop need to you proceed to struggle.

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It"s really basic, and it"s not an operating system issue - it"s simply PalmCheck being collection to default. See this attach for instructions on how to solve PalmCheck. Use Jeremy Gutjahr"s reply; the Microsoft assistance womale has actually no idea what she"s talking about.

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The delay experience is because of imbalances between the IO buffers and also communication with your OS. When you press an essential and all at once relocate the mouse that indevelopment hregarding be relocated to keyboard"s and also mouse"s buffer. Their controllers will certainly then geneprice an interrupt and also forward it to the operating system to pass the events, but it is overwhelmed by having actually the simultaneous interrupts from the mouse and also the keyboard, for this reason suffering the delays. This is an unpreventable consequence of non concurrent process..Also try this in any OS and you will experience similar outcomes.

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