How to turn on steam link with keyboard

I have actually a PS4 controller linked to my Steam Link. If I pick "rotate off" from the Steam Link food selection options, exactly how do I, uh, rotate it earlier on?

Is unplugging it and plugging it back in seriously the only option?

With a Steam Controller you have the right to hit the significant button in the facility of the controller, yet that does not seem to work-related through a PS4 controller.

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It appears that yes, the just means to turn it on is to unplug it then plug it ago in. There are a couple of threads on the Steam Community pointing out this, below, right here, and also right here (last one currently pointed out by aman207).

It seems that, as explained in the initially thread, "the whole turning on and off thing is a little of a mess at the moment". Speculated by many kind of of the posters on the threads, possibly tright here are bugs concerning turning on and off the device via those controllers, or probably it is ssuggest not applied yet and will certainly come via future updates.


As of several updays back, turning on the Steam Link currently works effectively through a wireless PS4 controller.

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Yes that is the only means.

When you press the residence button it sends a signal asking if the ps4 is still on if it gets that signal that it will revolve on. Due to the fact that it is not talking to the ps4 then it will certainly not turn earlier on bereason the heavy steam link does not sfinish the same signal as what the ps4 would


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