How to turn off reddit notifications on chrome

This started a couple months back and also I have actually not been able to number out just how to disable. When I launch Chrome, Windows 10 has a pop-up "trending" notification from I do not even have a login on reddit although periodically go there once googling stuff.

Tbelow was actually a conversation over there on how to remove this but no answer various other than altering settings in your reddit account (which I don"t have). Any means to get rid of this by means of Chrome?

Someone caught a display shot of the pop-up:



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Thanks, I wish I could provide you both credit for answering the question considering that technically, tbelow are 2 areas to disable.

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May 8, 2019 at 18:57 UTC

Rockn wrote:

Or just dump MS commodities altogether and also go Linux and Google Apps.

I run Linux on my personal units and also its a dream compared to the Win10 nightmare. Unfortunately, we run AutoCAD at the business I support so not most likely to switch anytime soon. Plus, all our C-levels greatly make use of OneDrive, O365, SharePoint and just love it to fatality. I have actually fantasies of running CAD in a Virtual Deskpeak environment and also having Linux thin clients for the individuals. Sigh...

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May 8, 2019 at 19:07 UTC

shellstx wrote:

MerlinYoda wrote:

Check your notification settings in Chrome too.

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The way my settings are configured, I often have sites asking if I want to allow notifications from their site (which the answer is almost constantly "No"). If you are enabling Reddit (or all sites by default) to screen notifications, they"re going to want usage the integrated Windows alert organization wright here feasible (as it keeps them from having actually to maintain one of their very own down the road).

You are correct! Deep in the bowels of Chrome settings...

Chrome settings --> Modern --> Site Setups --> Pergoals --> Notifications.

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And ideal tbelow... Reddit. I don"t even remember permitting that but I must have actually at some allude.

Thanks, I wish I might offer you both credit for answering the question because technically, there are 2 locations to disable.

It all just counts on what you ultimately desire configuration-wise.

If you don"t desire Google Chrome (and specific various other programs) posting any notifications though Windows, turning the notifications off under the Notification Setups in Windows is better. Hell, you might virtually execute ameans via notifications all together by setting "Get notifications from apps and various other senders" to "Off" :-)

On the other hand also, if you don"t mind specific notifications from certain sites then adjusting the Notification settings under Chrome is going to offer you the fine-grained regulate that you need.