How to turn off priority speaker discord

Eexceptionally time I sign up with any kind of one of my voice channels, the various other users note that I have priority speaker permitted. When I go into my duties, voice channel perobjectives and also particular voice channel permissions it is all turned off. I have no concept why I save obtaining this difficulty :(


I have actually this worry as well yet I don't even have push to talk turned on. In all my perms and also settings I have priority speaker turned off, and for some reason I'm still a priority speaker, also without having actually push to talk enabled. Discord also doesn't tell me whether I'm a priority speaker or not.

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If you are the owner or have actually admin perms you constantly have actually all permissions no issue if they are ticked or not. Make sure to usage the normal ptt switch rather of the priority ptt one, you deserve to check your keybings in the settings.

Yeah I’m the owner but I don’t have actually push to talk permitted. It’s just a tiny server for mates to hang out on.

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i have actually this problem as well and it's fucking up all the audio in my server. it's not on in any kind of settings and i don't have press to talk on so idk why tf this is happening

yeah men, o dont have press to talk, and this fucking priority speakers keeps eneble but in my configs it is disable, deserve to some one aid me?

Same problem, I don't use push to talk or have priority speaker enable, yet sometimes when I join voice channel I have this issue

Same, everything is ticked off yet I store on getting priority speaker whenever I join a channel/server.... push to talk is off*

ffs, i am default man in friend's server and whenever before i sign up with the all go in mute other than me, and i always have green point on my avatar DISCORD PLEASE FREAKING FIXXXXX

I am having this concern too. Whenever before I sign up with a channel or I shed connection and also reattach it provides me priority speaker. The just way to deal with this, for me, is to deafen and undeafen however this is incredibly annoying.

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what operated for my friend was this : go to user settings > voice & video > go to the incredibly bottom and also click "recollection voice settings"


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