How to turn off notifications for a post on tumblr

We’ve had actually a few world ask us around this, and now that this function appears to have hit all desktop users, it’s time for a considerable article around it!

When you discuss a article (reply, or reblog through an addition), currently automatically subscribes you to all other brand-new comments on the write-up, putting notifications in your activity feed for them, almost as if it were your own short article.

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This can be nice for chit-chat on small/individual posts, given that it allows you to watch a reply to your very own reply without needing to be tagged in it. If you acquire subscribed to a short article through a ton of attention, however, it’s much much less fun.

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Easy! Turn it off on bigger articles. You can conveniently subscribe to or unsubscribe from any short article you didn’t make, by pulling up the post’s notes, and also clicking the circled lightning icon in the top-best corner.

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Also straightforward - it’s in your Notification Settings. On mobile, you can find this setting under Account > General Setups > Notifications > Conversational notes.

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