How to turn down brightness on toshiba laptop


If you are having actually trouble adjusting the brightness or contrast of your lappeak display, store in mind that eexceptionally design of laptop (and also every operating system) is a small different. Typical means to adjust the brightness and also comparison on a lappeak computer are provided below.

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Some of the options on this page occupational for adjusting brightness or contrast on a desktop computer computer too.


To adjust screen brightness on a smartphone, see: How to adjust brightness on Android phone, iPhone, and also iPad.

Adjusting brightness utilizing your laptop"s keys


On the majority of laptops, you have the right to readjust the brightness of the display making use of one-of-a-kind keys on the key-board. The keys are usually marked through the brightness symbol (


Often, the brightness tricks are function keys which have a one-of-a-kind attribute if you press them while holding dvery own the Fn vital.

The Fn crucial is typically situated to the left of the spacebar. The brightness function keys might be situated at the height of your key-board, or on your arrowhead secrets.



For instance, on the Dell XPS laptop key-board (pictured below), organize the Fn essential and push F11 or F12 to adjust the brightness of the display screen.


Other laptops have tricks dedicated entirely to brightness manage. On the HP Chromebook key-board (pictured below), there is no Fn key — press the brightness tricks.



To change the brightness on a Chromebook, you"ll have to press among the 2 adjustment keys. The tiny equipment lowers the brightness, and the large equipment raises it. They are situated at the top of the keyboard, as you can view in the red rectangle below.


Adjusting brightness in the operating system

You can additionally change your screen"s brightness making use of software controls on your operating system:

Windows 10

In Windows 10, tright here are several ways to change the display screen brightness.

Using the taskbar"s battery icon


Using the Windows Mobility Center

Click Mobility Center (or press B).


Using the Control Panel

Click Adsimply commonly offered mobility settings.


In the Mobility Center home window, change the brightness slider.

Adjusting brightness in Windows 8

Select the Settings cdamage.Select the brightness symbol.

Adjusting brightness in Windows 7

Select Hardware and also Sound.Select Power Options.Use your mouse to relocate the brightness slider at the bottom of the home window.

Adjusting brightness in macOS


Click Displays.


Use the brightness slider to change brightness. If you want your brightness to readjust instantly based on the ambient light close to your computer, check the box noted Automatically adjust brightness.

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Adjusting brightness in Linux

Many type of window managers in Linux sell brightness controls in their settings panel. For instance, on Ubuntu devices through the Unity window manager:

Click the icon at the ideal of the menu bar.Choose System Settings.Select Brightness & Lock.Adsimply the brightness slider.

If your lapoptimal offers Intel or NVidia graphics, you deserve to also use a convenient command-line tool called xbacklight. It deserve to be set up utilizing a lot of package supervisors. For circumstances, on Ubuntu or Debian systems:

sudo apt-get upday && sudo apt-gain install xbacklightTo usage xbacklight, specify the option -set portion, where portion is a number from 0 to 100. For instance, to collection brightness to half:

xbacklight -set 50To collection brightness to full:

xbacklight -collection 100You deserve to additionally rise or decrease the brightness by a portion. To increase the brightness by 10%:

xbacklight -inc 10For a finish list of choices, check out the manual:

guy xbacklight

Adjusting contrast

Many laptop computers don"t have comparison controls at the hardware level, but you deserve to configure your operating device to use a high-comparison display screen mode.

Adjusting comparison in Windows 10

Once asked if you want to rotate on High Contrast mode, click Yes.


To switch back to Regular Contrast mode, repeat action 1, and High Contrast mode will certainly be canceled.

If pushing the vital combination does not carry up the High Contrast prompt, you deserve to enable it in the Ease of Access menu:

Click Ease of Access.Select Ease of Access Center.Choose Make the computer less complicated to see.Make certain that Turn on or off High Contrast when is checked.Click OK.

Adjusting contrast in Windows 8

Click Settings.Select Ease of Access.Under High Contrast, click the switch to rotate High Contrast mode on or off.

Adjusting comparison in Windows 7

In the search bar, form window color.Click Change window shade and metrics.Under Basic and high-contrast themes, pick a high-comparison theme.

Adjusting contrast in macOS

Click Accessibility.Click the Increase Contrast checkbox, and use the Display contrast slider, to adjust your screen.

Adjusting contrast in Linux

There are command line devices to readjust the comparison of your display screen such as xgamma and also xcalib. These deserve to fine-tune any reductions in your screen"s default contrast level.

To increase comparison above defaults, the majority of window supervisors offer a high-comparison theme to make your display screen easier to watch. In Gnome-based home window supervisors, such as Ubuntu Unity, follow these steps:

Run the command gnome-control-center to launch the command center home window.Click Universal Access.


Turn on High Contrast.


Controlling screen brightness in your Power Options

After adjusting your laptop"s brightness, it need to retain the brand-new settings immediately. If the brightness settings are not retained after a computer system rebegin, they are most likely being overridden by settings in the Power Options food selection. If this is the instance, you"ll have to produce a custom power setup, which deserve to be done by accessing the Power Options utility in the Control Panel.

Driver issues

If the essential combicountry method is not functioning and also you"ve made the proper adjustments in Power Options, it is most likely your computer has actually a video clip driver problem. Driver concerns normally happen after updating the video motorists. Monitor motorists have the right to likewise reason this trouble. To deal with any type of potential monitor related issues, reinstall the monitor by complying with the measures listed below.

Click the + or arrow alongside Monitors to expand also the list.Once the monitors are rerelocated from Device Manager, under Action, click Sdeserve to for Hardware changes to let Windows re-detect the monitor and also install the applicable drivers.

Finally, we likewise recommfinish downloading the latest video motorists straight from the video card manufacturer. If this difficulty was led to bereason you updated the motorists, install an earlier version of the video drivers to check out if that resolves the concern.

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Lapheight brightness is still not enough or display is black

If, after complying with the measures over your brightness is still not sufficient, plug your lappeak into the wall. If the lapoptimal is plugged in yet still is not bright sufficient, try the suggestions on the web page connected below.