How to transfer contacts from nokia to android

India is the second largest smartphone sector as these days, yet attribute phones still gain about half of the industry share. Eexceptionally year, a lot of consumers switch from attribute phones to Smartphones, and due to the different nature of the two platdevelops, delivering data between the two can be a substantial difficulty.

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Especially given that a lot of COMPUTER Suits and Deskheight attach software program for Nokia, Samsung, other phones don’t job-related exceptionally well these days.

If you are looking for easy means to relocate contacts from your easy Keypad phones favor Nokia, Samsung or other function phones to an Android Smartphone, right here is what you deserve to try:

Editor’s Note: The steps we have actually pointed out are for Nokia phones, yet the process for all other well-known function phones is equivalent, and you will have the ability to number it out.

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Copy contacts to SIM

If the variety of contacts in your list is less than 250, you have the right to depfinish on this strategy.

Step 1: Just go to Contact on your function phone and also tap on ‘Options’.

Step 2: Now, choose ‘Move Contacts’ alternative (Copy contact alternative will duplicate contacts to your SIM).

Tip 3: In the following ‘Move From’ menu, choose phone and then select SIM once “Move To” food selection pops up.


Tip 4: Now to pick contacts, select ‘Options’ and choose “Choose all”

Step 5: And currently select “Done” option. (on some phones, you will certainly have to push ‘Back’ first).


That’s it. Once the transfer is complete, you can place the SIM in your brand-new Android Phone and access all your contact.

If you have even more than 250 contacts, perform not use this strategy. Any Random 250 contacts will certainly be copied to your SIM, and also it will certainly be tedious to develop an order moving forward.

Share using Bluetooth

Anvarious other means of transferring contacts is by means of Bluetooth. If you bought your function phone in the last two years, there are great chances that you have Bluetooth.

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Step 1: Open the Contacts app, choose ‘Options’ and also tap on ‘Share’

Tip 2: Now, select ‘Options from the following screen and also choose “Choose all”

Tip 3: Turn on Bluetooth on your Android phone. Your Feature phone will show you the list of Bluetooth gadgets nearby all set to pair.


Step 4: Select your Android phone and the transport will begin when the 2 phones are paired.


Step 5: All contacts will now be moved to your Android phone in the form of Individual VCF Files or VCards.

Tip 6: Open contact apps from your Phone and also open settings.


Tip 7: Now find the Import/Export call choice and also choose VCF papers from the phone storage.


Tright here are several phones (prefer OnePlus 6) that permit you to import multiple VCF files at when. In others, you will certainly need to manually tap on VCards one by one. We tried manually tapping on Mi A1 and also it took much less than 10 minutes to conserve a list of 500+ contacts.

Combine VCF Filles right into one file for basic installation

If you are a little tech savvy, you deserve to also integrate all VCF papers right into one VCF file and then install the single file. To execute so, save every one of the VCF papers in one folder on your Windows COMPUTER.

Now open Command prompt, navigate to that particular folder (classiccomputers.infoBytes in the instance below).


With copy *.vcf all.vcf command also, all VCF records will certainly merge right into one file called “All VCF” and you have the right to import all contacts directly from it.


If you are familiar through command also prompt, this should be the even more convenient way in case your Android phone’s software doesn’t assistance importing multiple VCF files.

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How to carry contacts from Nokia, Samsung keypad attribute phones to Android Phones

These are some of the methods you have the right to use to transfer contacts from attribute phone to Android smartphone. The second approach, which requires sharing contacts using Bluetooth, might show up facility but it’s fairly straightforward in practice. You will certainly need to make minor adjustments based upon the software application running on your Android phones.