How to stop someone from adding you to groups on facebook

Facebook teams are an excellent method to connect and share via civilization of similar interests, but, some world tfinish to abuse this feature by including us to teams that we have actually no service with. Until freshly, I acquire added to random Facebook teams I don’t prefer on a daily basis. These are groups I understand nothing around and haven’t heard of for the initially time other than as soon as I obtain an alert that Mr. XYZ has included me to the group.

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So today, I tried to uncover a means to stop this spammers from including me to their teams. Yes, I deserve to stop human being from re-adding me to their pointless spam teams but it seems Facebook hasn’t established yet that they should include a function to enable users prevent just anybody to adding them to random groups.


Because there’s no way to pre-soptimal people from including you, you need to wait initially till you’re included to the team you don’t want and then find the “Leave Group” button at the top left percentage of the team homepage.

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You don’t desire anybody re-including you to the group later on so you have to tick the “Proccasion other members from including you to this team again” checkbox and also click “Leave Group”.

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Go to your notifications and also discover the name of the Facebook user that added you to the group and unfrifinish and or block the perkid. This step is really important bereason if you store connection via the person, he/she can add you to one more spammy Facebook team in the future; so to prevent this, you need to keep the spammer off your frifinish list to be safe.


We haven’t figured out a method to entirely acquire Facebook to constantly notify us and look for for permission before someone might include us to any group but the solution proffered above lessened people including me to random teams to about 10%. I hope it aided you. Cheers!

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