How to stop mouse button 4 from going back

I have actually a Razer Death Adder Elite computer mouse via a button that the Razer software has actually configured to being "back" on browsers. I want to usage the key for a macro in Chrome, yet eexceptionally time the macro executes, it also navigates back a web page, which is very annoying.

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I don"t desire to install the Razer software application to remap the vital if I have the right to prevent doing so, as I would like to uncover a solution within Keyboard Maestro, if possible.

I don"t fairly know just how the essential on the computer mouse is mapped to backwards navigating. I assumed probably it sends out a shortreduced essential that the browser understands to be an instruction to go "back", so I found that cmd-left arrowhead and cmd-< are shortcuts for going back, and also I included those as triggers to my macro (which I witnessed in one more post is one method of disabling/intercepting occasions and override them via macro behavior)--however that didn"t work either.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

JMichaelTX November 6, 2019, 12:49am #2

I do not desire to install the Razer software program to remap the key if I have the right to avoid doing so, as I would like to find a solution within Keyboard Maestro, if possible.

I can not soptimal to Razer mice or software, because I have actually neither.But I have offered Logitechnology mice/software program, and also here is what I have found:

With the OLD, deprecated, LCC, adjust the habits of the mouse buttons of interest, and also then uninstall the LCC software program.Using the latest Logitechnology Options software, set the computer mouse button of interemainder to output a specific keystroke. Then usage that keystroke as a KM trigger to do what you want.So far the new Logitech Options software program is playing well with KM and all various other software on my Mac.

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bbx November 6, 2019, 10:52am #3

Thanks JMichaelTX for your input.

Looks like in the end I had actually to install the Razer synapse software and also store it set up, as I tried programming it on one more machine via the software program mounted, yet the butloads visited default bindings when linked back to my Mac. It"s not the worst point, but would have actually desired to have actually less software mounted.

It additionally shows up that it is the Mousage Button 4 as such that is bound someexactly how to internet browser "back" navigating behavior.

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