How to stop mouse 4 from going back

I have actually bought Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000. It"s functioning just as I desire it other than that "back" button on the left side. I constantly hit it via the thumb and internet browser goes ago. I am not supplied to this behavior, since my older mouse didn"t have actually such a button. I just desire to remove it -- disable the button once and also forever before, so if I clicked it -- nopoint must happen.

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Do you have actually the Microsoft IntelliPoint "Mousage Properties" installed? If not acquire over to here and also downfill and also then install it.

Once you have the first tab "Buttons" allows you configure the switch actions. Just select then "Right side button" drop dvery own and also choose "Disabled".


Click "OK" or "Apply" and also you"re done.

NOTE: "Back" is actually on the left side button, so simply rearea "right" through "left" in the over summary if you really expected that switch.

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Intellipoint is not the answer for 2 reasons: 1) This difficulty also happens on non-Microsoft 4-button mice (it seems to be developed right into the generic HID driver) 2) Intelliallude software application, even approximately the latest variation, actually causes transition tricks to acquire randomly stuck (!) and several human being have to uninstall it hence (happened to me) –user71336 Mar 11 "11 at 22:40
I would like to throw out X-Mousage Button Control as a much more generic regime. For instance, I"m presently utilizing a Dell mouse via a non-Dell computer system, and also they have actually decided to lock their computer mouse chauffeurs to only install on their own computer systems. X-Mouse should occupational via the majority of mice:

The just genuine answer to that is to try it and also check out, however tbelow are a number of tell tales indicators. If you have a 5 button (or more) mouse and the 4th and 5th buttons percreate back/next in your internet browser then its virtually particular XMBC will certainly job-related for the first 5 butloads (XMBC does not assistance more than 5 buttons).

All I deserve to say for certain is it works with the first 5 butloads of my Logitech MX518 Optical mouse, through or without the Logitechnology software program mounted.

It likewise functions fine with my older (original) MS Intellimouse Optical Mouse.

You have the right to additionally specify multiple layers, and also application certain prodocuments. So, you have the right to have it behave as a back switch on every routine other than your internet browser.

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The proper button and also drop dvery own box will certainly highlight when a switch is pressed. You deserve to usage that to figure out which switch does what, however I found Mousage Button 5 to be the earlier switch on my mouse.