How to stop facebook from auto scrolling

How to soptimal Facebook App auto scroll thru timeline eexceptionally time I visit a profile or page. It display screens timeline entries every second and also seems to scroll backwards in time.

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When I watch anybody's timeline, facebook app would auto scroll thru posts, from latest to old, each write-up being shown for less than 1 second. It is so annoying. It does not happen to my facebook as soon as utilizing a computer system.

Upon getting to a profile's page, timeline will certainly autoscroll, and I cannot stop it or force it to scroll ago up.

Helpful info: Latest Facebook App Problem persists thru versions because year 2019 App running on a Galaxy S8 plus (all updates installed) Virus unlikely, phone has been running on BitDefender (paid) security app. Facebook application cannot be unset up (as it comes through Galaxy), it have the right to only be disabled and also re-enabled)

Reached out to facebook assistance, no reply.

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Also tried Kaspersky (paid) mobile security, no malware/virus found. This phone has been protected by security suite given that day 1. No side loaded apps, no tradition firmwares.

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1 year ago
I have actually noticed that Facebook scrolls my feed to advertisements periodically. It is so annoying that I unmounted the application.

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