How to silence part of a track in audacity

Editing Audio

Once you’re done recording, you can start editing and enhancing your work. To carry out this, let’s focus on a brand-new component of the Audacity interchallenge, the track controls, highlighted in red below.

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Here are a couple of vital pieces of the track regulate, numbered in the picture:

The delete button – As you can suppose, it deletes a track completely from your project. Can be undone by using the “Undo” command also from the Edit menu.Mute – Mutes a track completely.Volume slider – Adjusts how loud a track is family member to the other tracks in your job. Useful as soon as including a music track or other sound impact that can be as well loud.

The various other essential modifying devices are highlighted in the interchallenge below.


We’re going to emphasis on two of these devices which are the a lot of important and generally provided by students doing audio tasks. The initially is the selection tool, circled in red below. The selection tool provides your mouse look favor an “I” and will be the the majority of typically supplied tool when working via audio in Audacity.

The Selection Tool

When using the selection tool, click and also drag on a track to pick a part of it. The selection will readjust shade. You deserve to now manipulate this portion of the track in a variety of means. Check out the butlots highlighted on the interchallenge in red.


The first set of butloads are cut, copy and also paste which enable you to remove or copy audio from one portion of a track and area it in one more, just prefer copying and pasting message in a file. You deserve to likewise accessibility these functions utilizing the traditional keyboard shortcuts: Control + x for cut, Control + c for copy and Control + v for paste. On a Mac, you’ll usage the command also vital (“⌘”) instead of Control.

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The following two buttons are the trim and also silence audio butlots. Trim erases the whole track except for the highlighted percentage. Silence audio silences the schosen percent and is particularly beneficial when a background noise made it into an otherwise silent portion of your recording. Just find the offfinishing portion and also click “silence audio” to erase it. See the before and after screenswarm listed below for an instance of just how this could look.


The Time Shift Tool

The various other the majority of frequently provided tool is the time transition tool. This tool allows you to position different tracks in relationship to one one more, which is especially beneficial for adding music. To transition audio on the timeline, simply drag making use of the moment shift tool. Look at the screen shots listed below. You’ll view that you have the right to relocate the two audio tracks in connection with one one more.


Using these two standard tools, you deserve to accomplish the majority of of the editing you’ll should perform for a straightforward project.

Other Tools

Top Middle: The envelope tool. Named because it allows you to open and close different sections of audio. If the audio is open, it will play the recording; if it is closed, it will certainly be mute.

Top Right: The Draw Tool. This tool is useful if you want to play around via the volume of individual pieces of audio.

If you try utilizing it, you will certainly likely obtain an error that claims, “To use Draw, zoom in even more till you can watch individual samples”. To Zoom in, you can either click the View tab on the upper left or click on the magnifying glass near the Draw Device. You will need to press these butloads multiple times until you zoom in enough to usage the tool. When you’ve zoomed in far enough, you’ll view individual blue dots on your track. Use the Draw Tool to relocate these around and also fine tune your volume at assorted points on the track.

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Bottom Right: Multi-Tool. Multi-tool instantly becomes among the other devices relying on your actions. It additionally mirrors you what tools you have the right to usage at any type of allude.