How to select multiple layers in firealpaca

If you attract everything in one layer like a typical painting, you may not need Layer Folder. But the majority of human being draw facets separately in multiple layers such as "linework", "fill", "shadow", and so on When you are gaining closer to the completion, you may finish up having actually more than 100 layers..!

If tright here are too many layers, it will certainly be tough to organize.

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Then, Layer Folder is convenient.

What is Layer Folder

Layer Folder allows you sort out multiple layers right into numerous folders. You can expand/collapse Layer Folder so that it renders very straightforward to organize.

Diagram:organize through layer folder will certainly not let you choose multiple layers to relocate and also transcreate at as soon as, however Layer Folder will let you relocate and also transcreate multiple layers at as soon as.

How to use Layer Folder

Clicking the folder symbol in "Layer Window" will develop Layer Folder.

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Diagram:Create Layer Folder

Double-clicking Layer Folder allows you rename the folder. Naming the folder as necessary helps you to organize.

Diagram:Rename Layer Folder

Sindicate drag and also drop layers into Layer Folder. You have the right to drag a layer to readjust the order.

Diagram:Move layers into Layer Folder

Layer Folder deserve to be open up and cshed by clicking the folder symbol n Layer home window. When you don"t require layers in Layer Folder, you deserve to conveniently collapse.

Diagra:Open & Cshed Layer Folder

You deserve to conveniently duplicate all the layers in Layer Folder by choosing Layer Folder and clicking "Duplicate Layer".

Diagram:Duplicate layers through Layer Folder

Move and transform multiple layers with Layer Folder

Layer Folder allows you relocate and transform multiple layers at when.

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Select Layer Folder in Layer window,

Move layers through Move tool.You deserve to transcreate holistically by going to "Select" > "Transform" ("Ctrl+T" is Shortreduced Key for Windows, and also "Command+T" is for Mac Mac)
Diagram:Transform multiple layers through Layer Folder

Use Layer Folder to organize multiple layer and to boost work-related efficiency.