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Hi,My question might be very straightforward, yet I am a really beginner. Please let me recognize, just how deserve to I conserve my final modify as .AVI (or whatever before format).I have produced an modify and also would like to have the last variation of it conserved on my computer system as .AVI (to share it on YouTube or whatsoever). I cannot however uncover this alternative. I have checked the User Manual with no luck. Please share the most basic means to conserve i.e. Edit#14 in Lightworks as final.avi on my computer. Thank you in advance
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3.47GHz,Mem. 24.0 GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro 4000,WIN. 7 64, Lightwork-related Pro Licence, LW Keyboard, Consingle, Mackie. MATROX MXO2 LE.

I have actually lastly regulated to transform it to avi, however tbelow is no sound and also the image is doubled (height and also bottom half has actually the very same image)
From one more thread... the split display screen video must be addressed if you readjust both the "Display optimisation" and also "FX update interval" to frames. This have the right to be uncovered on the video tab of the Project Details pane (Project button in top-ideal corner of Lightworks).I"m not sure around the audio but from other threads it seems that some human being have actually had success with changing the Sample Rate from 32kHz to 48kHz.
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Thank you both rhinox202 and also erikvandebelt for your time and also effort.Basing on you guidance I have actually ultimately controlled to export the video as AVI.It has 2.09G once being 1:47 lengthy, but I will deal with it later on (if you have any type of tips, would certainly be grateful)take care

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Hi. Try this. Go to the video establishing and change "Display optimisation" to frames rather of areas (and also probably the "FX upday interval" as well). Then export aget. /R.W
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I had actually similar worries msiegel. I tried rather a few codecs and was very disappointed with every one of them. As far as I have the right to tell, the cost-free codecs are just a waste of time. I updated to the pro version and it is certainly worth it if only for the added codecs. To have the ability to export to a quick time movie and other choices is excellent. Although I tried MP4 which came out excellent top quality video yet no sound for some factor. I haven"t looked right into this yet. I"m not sure how others are acquiring by with the totally free version however I just couldn"t. Also, its great to support a project favor this!
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in order to make make the clip obtainable for posthandling it was enough to use rhinox202"s advice.Thing is, that the program does not compush the papers and also thus 2.09G for 1.47min. I have, yet, downloaded an xvid codec and compressed the file by means of VitualDub.Lightfunctions is a really excellent program - straightforward to use once you have gone via manual and got supplied to its layout. As I shelp at the beginning, I am a total noob in the world of film editing and enhancing and I am doing it quite for pleacertain then commercial usage. This program is way more then enough for me (besides compression
)However, say thanks to you men for your assist and effort
Msiegel I ad a huge file on export to 6gb for 16min .avi file I provided handbrake to make a smaller sized variation it functioned but shed most quality.
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I have uncovered it necessary to transform just around any type of file that is exported out of LW in order to reduce the HUGE file size. I use Freemake video converter (which deserve to manage a lot of various layouts, including audio only if needed). I will certainly generally convert the MOV, or AVI, or MP4 file to WMV format for uploading to YouTube, and it renders a a lot smaller file dimension that is friendly to YouTube.Hope this is helpful!Here is a link to their
so basically you have the right to edit a movie on your computer "for free" but you cannot conserve it and watch it unless you export it onto the web for everyone??!
This thread is mat an early stage 4 years old and refers to an old variation of lightfunctions.Please have actually a look at this thread which outlines the export choices on the totally free version and also exactly how you deserve to export to your tough drive.Encertain that your export is collection to YouTube (which is limited to 720p) and also if you just wish to export onto your hard drive, don"t click the uppack to YouTube.1080p is just easily accessible as a direct uppack to Vimeo.

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