How to save a lightworks project

I"m finding no food selection alternative to conserve my task. Is it autosaved? Where?Also, currently that I have actually a 5 minute video done, I want to make a variation that is around 2 minutes lone. How do I "Save As" this job so I can modify it and retain my original task as well?
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Welpertained to the forum.Lightfunctions automatically conserves as you occupational, so you don"t should. There is likewise a backup that"s recommfinished, this is discovered in the project food selection uncovered in the height left edge wbelow the box via an arrowhead is. Under details you"ll uncover backup.If you wish to execute one more variation of a sequence, in the sequence timeline menu make > copy. You can occupational at this brand-new copy without affecting you original sequence.More information can be uncovered in the V14 User Guide discovered in downloads > documentation

I did the Make>Copy activity. All I have the right to check out that it did was it added screenshots till Project Components. But as soon as I go ago out to the primary "Local Projects" page there is no task replicated.

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Double click on it.No new task was developed, however a new sequence containing an different timeline, which you have the right to modify independently of the original timeline within the exact same project. To prevent confusion, you have to rename the brand-new sequence.More details see in this wrote:
Correctly.Copying the contents into a new task is one more workflow.This deserve to be helpful, for instance, if you desire to make major transforms via many brand-new material.
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Thanks. This is extremely beneficial. Can"t number out exactly how to rename the sequence, but I deserve to live through that.

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Lightfunctions permits you to make many "drafts" of the task. Don"t confusage a new sequence via a new project, within the same project you have the right to have actually as many "drafts" (or edits) as you require. They provided to be called edits, yet it was readjusted to sequence, which doesn"t have the exact same underlying interpretation.To rename left click on the name in the top left sequence viewer. A vertical line shows up, which allows you to rename the sequence.
Here are some basics:The timeline is component of a "Sequence".In the right viewer of the addressed layout, the name of the Sequence deserve to be checked out at the height, which you can also rename there. In this instance, "Sequence #32":
At the peak left of the "Project Contents" I uncover in the filter "Sequences" all Sequences, which were created in this job. Sequences deserve to be well-known by the red flags.With the ideal computer mouse switch, I deserve to develop a new sequence tright here (a brand-new tile in the Content Manager).

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Double-clicking a sequence tile will certainly open up that schosen sequence, and the contents of the timeline and also left appropriate viewer will adjust.
Mainly immediately translated--------------------------------------------Software: Lightworks 2021.1 & 2021.1.1 (& old 14.x , 2020.x) || Windows 10 Home, 20H2, 64 BitHardware: Intel i5-4440 (3,1 GHz); || RAM: 8 GB; || Intel HD Graphics 4600 (deserve to usage max. 2 GB of common RAM)
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