How to rotate text in gimp

I largely usage GIMP to resize image for my blog write-ups and specifically to use the save for web page alternative in GIMP. Text modifying and also message align in GIMP is likewise a must for me to produce image quotes as well. Below is the complete overview to message editing and enhancing in GIMP photo editor. We have the right to learn the adhering to GIMP text editing functions listed below.

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Get in text in GIMP.Change font dimension and also font colour in GIMP.Justify message or paragraph in GIMP.Transcreate message in GIMP.Align text to vertical, horizontal or any various other angle in GIMP.How to use text to route function in GIMP for align text.Fill colour to text in GIMP.Text filtering in GIMP.

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Enter Text, Change Font, Font Size, Font Colour in GIMP

Let’s begin.

First permit the Device Box, it’s under Windows Menu.


To start entering text on photo click on the message tool then click your photo and begin typing your text. You will certainly get choice to readjust font, font size and also font colour as listed below.


Text Align in GIMP Also Justify Text

Double click on the message tool to obtain text align choice in GIMP. When you double click you will certainly obtain Device Options window or dialogue box. Use this dialogue box to align text in GIMP.


How to Transform or Align Text to Vertical, Horizontal, Rotate 90°, Rotate 180° and Arbitrary Rotation in GIMP?

This text align attribute in GIMP is easily accessible under Layer Menu > Transcreate.

See the screenshot listed below to know exactly how Arbitrary Rotation of message editing in GIMP functions.


Text to Path Feature in GIMP. Anvarious other Way to Align Text to Horizontal, Vertical or Your Desired Path.

To execute this Enable the following dialogue boxes or windows;

Windows> Dockable Dialogs >Layers

Windows> Dockable Dialogs >Paths


Use the course tool which you have the right to find on the Tool Box to produce a course of your style.

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Now use Text Device to enter or kind text in GIMP.

Right click on the message and click Text Alengthy Path.


Delete the layer containing the original text from the layer dialogue box .

Now go to the GIMP courses dialogue and also carry out as complies with.


No add brand-new layer from the Layer food selection. Now you can fill any colour to your message through the Device Box “Bucket fill” tool. Then go to Select Menu > None.

This method you deserve to place your message in any type of direction and style.

Add Effect to Text in GIMP via Filter

You deserve to apply filter to message in GIMP. Go to Filters > Edge Detect and also apply the filters to watch the magic.

The over are the all message editing and enhancing features in GIMP. This method you have the right to lug message editing to new level in GIMP.

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