How to rotate laptop screen dell

This write-up provides information about how to adjust the display orientation or flip the display screen making use of keyboard shortcuts. Summary:This article gives indevelopment around how to adjust the display screen orientation or flip the screen using keyboard shortcuts.See less This short article offers information around how to change the display orientation or flip the screen making use of key-board shortcuts.

The capcapability to invert and also rotate the display or screen is a attribute of the Intel Graphics driver.

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Image rotation is enabled by default and also is triggered by the default crucial combicountry Ctrl + Alt + F1.

Once it is triggered, you have the right to revolve the screen utilizing the adhering to shortcut secrets or warm keys:

Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow Ctrl + Alt + Dvery own Arrow Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow

If the display screen has been inadvertently rotated or flipped, it deserve to be corrected by pressing the crucial combination Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow.

Disable the Hot Key Feature

Remove the inspect from the Enable Hot Keys selection box in the Extfinished Graphics properties.

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Disable the Intel Graphics Driver Hot Keys Feature

Right-click the desktop. Click Properties. In the Display Properties window, click the Settings tab. Click the Advanced switch. Click the Intel Graphics Technology tab to access the Configuration page. Click the Hot Keys web page. The Hot Keys page enables the user to either allow or disable the warm secrets. The page also gives indevelopment on what warm crucial combicountries are sustained. Uninspect the Enable Hot Keys checkbox to disable this feature. Click OK.

More Indevelopment on the Intel Graphics Technology

The Intel Extreme Graphics Driver likewise installs a manage panel applet that allows quick accessibility to the screen configuration alternatives.

Click Start, click Setups, and click Control Panel. Double click the Intel Graphics Technology icon.

Depending on the installation choices schosen, a shortreduced for the extfinished configuration pperiods might be installed in the devices job bar (System Tray area). Sindicate click the Intel Graphics Technology icon (Figure 2) to present the configuration peras.

Figure2: Intel Graphics Technology System Tray symbol.

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