How to remove readyboost from flash drive

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A file with the SFCACHE file extension is a ReadyBoost Cache file that's developed on a compatible USB gadget, like a flash drive or SD card, that Windows is making use of for extra memory. It's generally called ReadyBoost.sfcache.

ReadyBoost is a attribute initially presented in Windows Vista wbelow the operating device boosts device performance by dedicating unused hardware room as digital RAM—the SFCACHE file holds the information stored in this online RAM space.

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While physical RAM is the fastest means to access information, utilizing flash memory is also much faster than accessing the same information on a tough drive, which is the entirety principle behind ReadyBoost.

How to Open an SFCACHE File

SFCACHE papers are component of the ReadyBoost feature and also need to not be opened, deleted, or relocated. If you'd choose to remove the SFCACHE file, disable ReadyBoost on the drive.

You deserve to delete the ReadyBoost cache file from a USB tool by disabling ReadyBoost. Right-click (or tap-and-hold) the device and also choosing Properties. In the ReadyBoost tab, pick the option referred to as Do not usage this device.


If you're looking to enable ReadyBoost, you can do that, as well, from the exact same place—you have the option to usage the whole device for digital RAM or just a area of it.

Not all devices are rapid sufficient to support ReadyBoost. You'll know this if as soon as attempting to collection it up, you view a This device cannot be offered for ReadyBoost message.

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A total storage capacity of at least 256 MBAt leastern 64 KB of complimentary space availableAn access time of 1 ms or lessAt leastern a 2.5 MB/s throughput for 4 KB review accessAt leastern a 1.75 MB/s throughput for 1 MB create access

It's an excellent bet that the only usage for SFCACHE records is via ReadyBoost, meaning there's never a need to open up the file. However, if your file doesn't seem to have actually anypoint to do with ReadyBoost, attempt utilizing a totally free text editor to open up it as a message file. You can find some text tright here that deserve to help you identify what regime was supplied to develop that particular SFCACHE file.


SFCACHE records are comparable to CACHE papers in that they're both provided to save momentary information for the function of repeated access and also enhanced performance.

However before, CACHE documents are more of a basic name and file expansion for momentary papers used in many different software programs, which is why it's safe to clear them out.

SFCACHE records are reserved for a various objective, acting more like physical RAM and used specifically via the ReadyBoost feature in Windows operating systems.

How to Convert an SFCACHE Documents

Many records deserve to be converted to various other styles utilizing a free file converter, however that's not the case for SFCACHE files. Since SFCACHE records are just offered as a repository for papers, you can't transform them to any kind of various other format.

If your file has nothing at all to execute with a ReadyBoost SFCACHE file, yet you carry out know what regime is supplied to open up it, Try trying to find an Export menu or an choice under the File > Save As menu, for saving the file to a different format.

More Assistance With SFCACHE Files & ReadyBoost

Please know that the sfc command is in no way related to SFCACHE documents, so if you're handling the System Data Checker in Windows, it has nothing to perform with ReadyBoost.

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Similarly, also though "sfc" is provided in both, files that end with .SFC have actually nothing to perform through .SFCACHE papers but are instead offered by SuperNintencarry out ROM files, Motic Microscope Image records, and also Creatures Saved Video Game files.