How to record skype with elgato

With the HD60S, Elgato has actually presented an effective USB-C Video Capture Card that makes it basic to get all sorts of video streams right into your device for either recording or streaming high-quality video content. With recent Updates, it has even end up being feasible to usage your Elgato streams as webvideo camera input to be provided in video communication, favor Skype, Discord, and also even more... This might make the Elgato HD60S one of the the majority of effective video capturing tools for Windows customers.

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With the HD60S, Elgato has actually presented a powerful USB-C Video Catch Card that provides it basic to gain all sorts of video streams into your mechanism for either recording or streaming high-quality video content. With recent Updays, it has also come to be feasible to usage your Elgato streams as webcamera input to be provided in video communication, choose Skype, Discord, and even more... This can make the Elgato HD60S among the the majority of powerful video catching gadgets for Windows customers.

The Elgato HD 60S SPECS

USB 3.0 Interconfront (approximately 40Mbps for lag free gaming experience)HDMI Input up to 1080p 60fpsHDMI Out (Pass-through)3.5mm Audio Input jack

Additional Features:

boundless captureflashearlier recordingSoftware permits to stream to prevalent video streaming platdevelops, manage audio and also commentary and also intake of graphics overlays

What’s In The Box?

After opening the well-designed package, You are automatically presented through the semi-matte device and on the other side of the package has actually the quick start guide published best on the package. Which is Handy!

The USB3 and HDMI cables, as well as an ‘Elgato Gaming’ Sticker, are surprise but you will certainly get tright here with one flip.

Installing Driver and Software

As proclaimed on the package’s quick begin overview, I went straight for the Elgato’s webwebsite to downfill the driverdriver and the offered software package. The installation process is easy, basic and also hassle cost-free. It just takes simply a couple of minutes of your time, then, perdevelop a reboot once asked to carry out so. Done!

Setting Up The Device


As for setup, this is as directly as easy as it gets. I was simply testing with my Canon G5x (learning it was collection to capture 1080p and 59fps). You go HDMI out to HDMI in on the tool, affix the USB cable to your computer and also (if you don’t need pass-with to output your signal to one more screen) YOU ARE ALREADY DONE!. Instantly acquired a signal in OBS!

Sucount you can usage the Elgato software to stream however I frequently document from a electronic camera and also am super happy via the setup I usage with OBS.

After the trouble I went with with one more gadget, this quickly increased my level of satisfactivity and I was keen on trying out all the HD60S’s features.

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The Software

The Elgato streaming software is pretty intuitive. Its major attributes are:

live streaming optionsgame audiolive commentarysound capturevideo taggingstreaming platformgraphics overlayssubstantial streaming pevaluation window

After checking all the settings and progressed features in the hardware setup, I was pretty amazed by what you can actually adjust. To my surprise, there is even an alternative to readjust the device’s color profile from a conventional (multimedia purposes) to an magnified color profile, which is even more flat-looking however preserves more of the details in shadows and highlights. For capturing a camera signal, this is perfect!

What’s missing?

Originally, I was looking for a maker permitting me to stream and to use a much better camera for my skype sessions. Unfortunately, the Elgato does not register as a video device to usage through Skype. After doing some more study on this topic, I found Skype only taking uncompressed video signals. And as the Elgato is meant to supply compressed H.264 video, all set for streaming. This is in the nature of this concept to not provide the signal for skype. The incredibly expensive Magewell Dongle deserve to execute it but it really is over most people’s budobtain.

A little bit of a downside is, that the HD 60s does NOT have actually an encoder running on the gadget itself, so It will certainly be compressed by using your graphics card. For Me, running a two graphics card mechanism, this is not an problem at all as either the Nvidia Quadro or the Nvidia GeForce 950 regulate gaming and video compression at the exact same time rather well.

If you rely on the codec, yet, for eg. when playing on the very same computer system that you are streaming from, you might desire to think about purchasing the PCI express version which has actually a hardware encoder.


After all the Elgato HD 60s perdevelops perfectly in the area it was built for. Whether you are a gamer or desire to stream video from a high quality video camera, you have the right to perform so without giving up on mobility or running right into any kind of latency worries.

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I cannot yet sheight extremely sufficient of this gadget. Setup was quick and simple and also so much have actually not run right into any type of issues while experimentation all sorts scenarios I could usage this device for.