How to quarantine a file

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Quarantined Items

The quarantine facility clears and also isolates suspicious papers right into a safe place prior to analyzing them for feasible infection. Any files moved in this fashion are encrypted- definition they cannot be run or executed. This isolation stays clear of infected papers from affecting the rest of your COMPUTER. If a document cannot be disinfected, then it provides a trusted safe-house till the virus database is updated- neutralizing the impact of any kind of new virus.

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For adding executables to Quarantined items, refer to Antivirus Tasks > Run a Sdeserve to. You have the right to also:

To see the list of Quarantined Items The Quarantined Items will certainly be displayed.
Tower Description
Item - Indicates which application or process propagated the event; Location - Indicates the area wright here the application or the file is stored; Date/Time - Indicates day and also time, when the item is moved to quarantine. Manually adding papers as Quarantined ItemsIf you have actually a record, folder or drive that you suspect may contain a virus and not been detected by the scanner, then you have the alternative to isolate that item in quarantine.

To manually include a Quarantined Item

Click Add and pick the file from Open dialog box.

To delete a quarantined item from the mechanism

Select the item and also click Delete.

This deletes the file from the device permanently.

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To reclaim a quarantined item to its original area

Select the item and also click Restore.

If the restored item does not contain a malware, it operates as usual. But if it consists of a malware, it is detected as a danger immediately, if the Real Time Scanning is allowed or during the following sdeserve to.

To remove all the quarantined items permanently

Click Clear.

This deletes all the quarantined items from the device permanently.

To submit selected quarantined items to Comoperform for analysis

Select the item from the list and click Submit.

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Note: Quarantined papers are stored using a special format and also perform not constitute any type of danger to your computer system.