How to print onenote without cutting off

I do not really usage OneNote however a bunch of the employees I assistance execute. I now, shame on me for not discovering it. Anyway, here"s the problem. One user in certain has actually a multiweb page PDF that he Prints to OneNote. It imports fine however once he tries to print it out everything is jacked up. The imported pages are balance out to the ideal and cutoff on the bottom of the page (actually, it runs over to the following page). How do I gain the PDF to transform over to OneNote web page for page so that it prints out correctly.

Things I"ve tried:Change OneKeep in mind web page size to letter - This seems to just change the limitless white background to a Letter dimension background.

Checked Properties of the OneNote printer to encertain paper dimension was Letter

Googled a bunch and uncovered nopoint that relates to my issue

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Which of the adhering to retains the indevelopment it's storing as soon as the mechanism power is turned off?


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When the pdf is opened in Adobe (or Foxit, or CutePDF, etc....) is it greatly modified? If the margins are heavily modified in the pdf application, some of that may carry over to OneNote. I"ve seen it take place before; unmodified records import a lot simpler than heavily modified files. Good luck! 


Robby Hotsauce

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Can you sophisticated on what preferences you are referring to when you say "heavily modified"? Are you talking about web page dimension, margins, and so on..?

So here"s the weird thing. When you open up OneNote there is the everlasting white background, right? When I export the PDF to OneKeep in mind each page of the PDF shows up on the white background with a light gray line around it. You would think that gray line is outlining a web page. When it prints that gray line prints as well, and also the totality photo is skewed off to the appropriate so the right side of the gray box is off the page and does not print. Where tright here are "page breaks" in between the gray boxes it does not reason a web page break in the print task. Does this sound acquainted to anyone?

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